The Bayraktar TB2 Donation to Ukraine from Lithuania Worth €7 Million Ready To Dispatched

The Bayraktar TB2 Donation to Ukraine from Lithuania Worth €7 Million Ready To Dispatched
Lithuania To Deliver Turkish-Made Bayraktar TB2 Drone To Ukraine

Vilnius - The Lithuanian-funded Bayraktar TB2 donation has landed at Siauliai Air Base. Bayraktar TB2 is known to be a donation to Ukraine and is ready to be dispatched by land to the country.

The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense has also reached an agreement with the Turkish agency responsible for the sale of military equipment and engine manufacturer Baykar Makina. The deal is aimed at an online fundraiser organized by Lithuanian Andrews Tapinas to support Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression.

Quoted from Bulgarian Military, the fundraiser managed to raise more than 7 million euros, but the manufacturer decided to donate the fighting machine for free. About 1.5 million euros were purchased from the weapons collection for unmanned aerial vehicles and the rest was donated to humanitarian causes.

The Bayraktar TB2 from Lithuania is named Vanagas or Hawk with the appropriate logo. One wing of the predator is seen having the colors of the Lithuanian flag and the other the Ukrainian flag. The weapons will be brought to Ukraine by land via Poland.

Before the war, the Ukrainian armed forces had more than 20 Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles. Another 16 were dispatched during the conflict period under January orders.

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It was previously known that the Lithuanian people raised money to buy Bayraktar TB2 MALE which would be given to Ukraine. This is part of a donation campaign initiated by Lithuanian journalist Andrius Tapinas, noting that a 'green light' has been received from the Lithuanian and Turkish Ministry of Defense for the donation campaign.

In addition, Baykar, the maker of Bayraktar TB2 MALE has also approved the campaign. Lithuania also received public attention. How not, Lithuanians are known to collect donations to buy Bayraktar TB2 from Turkey which will be given to Ukraine.

Later, a donation worth 5 million euros will be given to Ukraine. Residents who donate are also asked to spread the campaign using the hashtag #bayraktarasUkrainai.


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