U.S. F-15 Eagles Are Not Enough Superior In Air to Combat Against Russian MiG-25 Fighter Jets

U.S. F-15 Eagles Are Not Enough Superior In Air to Combat Against Russian MiG-25 Fighter Jets
F-15E Strike Eagles taxi into formation June 12, 2019, at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.

International Military - The US F-15 Eagle fighter is a legend of the Cold War era fighter jet owned by the United States. This fighter jet competed with Russian-made fighter jets of its time.

However, the F-15 Eagle has been described as a jet capable of securing a position in the ranks of the world's largest fighter aircraft. Not without reason, this is all thanks to his success on the battlefield. Reporting from 19fortyfive.com, this jet has 104 wins and zero losses.

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This is what makes the US reluctant to release the F-15 and retire it. Instead, the country has actually made the latest, more capable variant of the F-15, namely the F-15EX, which is also being ordered by Indonesia at this time.

Not only that, the F-15 Eagle is also known for its ability to air-to-air combat. In fact, perhaps the only one capable of carrying out an 'air-to-air kill' with this bomb is the F-15.

This was in 1991 when Operation Desert Storm took place. Air Force Captain Tim Bennett who served as flight leader for the 335th Tactical Fighter Squadron of Al Kharj Air Base in central Saudi Arabia was a witness to the prowess of the F-15 at the time. The US-led coalition has chosen to start the war with air power, flying hundreds of sorties per day from ground-based warplanes and aircraft carriers across the region.

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Reporting from Military Watch Magazine, in fact the greatness of the F-15 is not comparable to the Soviet MiG-25. The F-15 had lost its battle with the MiG-25. This made it a sizeable difference at the time, as the F-15 was the USAF's top fighter.

The MiG-25 was the third most capable jet in Soviet service. The F-15 also benefits in about 95 percent of air-to-air attacks from the support of the E-3 airborne early warning aircraft.

With extensive assessments carried out after the end of the Cold War by sources with access to the F-15 and its fourth-generation Soviet rival, the Su-27, it has consistently concluded that Soviet jets were far more capable in the air-to-air domain.

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The fact that the F-15 fought and in its final battle was defeated by the only Soviet third-generation heavyweight and direct predecessor to the Su-27 fits perfectly with this assessment. On the other hand, the MiG-25 is a supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft.

Quoted from Airforce Technology, this aircraft is used against air targets in all weather conditions, day and night, and in dense and hostile electronic warfare environments. The MiG-25P is part of Russia's S-155P missile interceptor system.

The MiG-25 is one of the fastest fighters ever produced, capable of reaching speeds of over Mach 2.83. Production of this jet is known to have ended in 1984. By design, the MiG-25P is a twin-fin high-wing monoplane with slightly swept wings and a variable-angle tail plane.

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To increase the longitudinal stability of the aircraft, and to prevent stalling at steep angles and subsonic speeds, there are two shallow upper surface railings on each wing. High-strength steel and titanium are used in about 80% of the MiG-25 airframe.

The MiG-25P aircraft are armed with four R-40 (Nato codename AA-6 Acrid) air-to-air missiles equipped with infrared and radar tracking heads. The range of this missile is 2-60km.

These missiles are also suspended from four pylons under the wings. It can also be equipped with two R-40s and four R-60s (AA-8 Aphid), or two R-23s (AA-Apex) and four R-73s (AA-11 Archers).

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