Ukrainian Troops Reportedly Destroy Russia's Wagner Group Mercenary Base

Ukrainian Troops Reportedly Destroy Russia's Wagner Group Mercenary Base
Ukrainian Troops Destroy Russia's Wagner Group Mercenary Base

International Military - Ukrainian forces have reportedly destroyed the base of the Russian-linked Wagner Group mercenaries in the Luhansk region. According to local media reports, 22 people were killed and four others injured in the attack.

The UK Ministry of Defense announced in March that the Wagner Group was involved in assisting Russia's war effort in Ukraine. The governor of Luhansk, Serhey Hayday, as quoted by Newsweek, Saturday (11/6/2022) claimed that the shooting hit the base at the stadium in Kadiivka in Eastern Ukraine.

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The governor shared a video post on Friday on Twitter, in which he said, "The Wagner base in the occupied Luhansk region was destroyed, only one racist survived. The enemy base is located in the local stadium in Kadiivka, which the Russians occupied bravely in 2014." The video shows a building on fire with thick black smoke rising into the sky.

Amid heavy fighting in Severodonetsk, the last part of the Ukrainian-held province of Luhansk, one of the emblems of the Ice Palace was destroyed on Thursday. Russia was determined to take Severodonetsk and its sister city Lysychansk, on the opposite bank of the Donets Siverskyi river, as one of its main war objectives.

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Secretary of the Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said the situation in Severodonetsk was "very complicated" and Russian troops were focusing all their strength in the area. Moscow categorically denies the role of private military contractors in safeguarding the Kremlin's military interests.

Ukraine says its only hope of turning things around in the small industrial city is more artillery to keep up with Russia's big guns.

Thousands of people have died and millions have fled since Russia launched a "special military operation" to disarm and "denazify" its neighbors on February 24. Ukraine and its allies called the invasion an unprovoked aggression.

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