Ukraine Furious At Israel For Refusing To Sell Iron Dome Missiles for Against Russia

Ukraine Furious At Israel For Refusing To Sell Iron Dome Missiles for Against Russia
The Israel Iron Dome missile defense system

International Military - Ukraine is furious at Israel for refusing to sell Kiev the Iron Dome missile defense system to counter the Russian invasion . Kiev is also upset that Tel Aviv is not accepting injured Ukrainian soldiers for rehabilitation.

"While Russia is massacring our citizens, the Israeli government remains in its comfort zone and refrains from providing minimal defense assistance to Ukraine," irked Ukraine's Ambassador to Israel, Yevgen Korniychuk, at a Tel Aviv press conference on Tuesday.

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"We ask Israel for a defense tool in the form of an Iron Dome and similar defense tools," Korniychuk continued, as quoted by the Times of Israel, Wednesday (8/6/2022). "Just as Israel protects the residents of the Gaza Strip from Hamas fire, we must protect our citizens, women, children and men." Korniychuk added that the Israeli people showed "love and empathy", but the government's actions did not match the rhetoric.

Korniychuk also said that the helmets and flak jackets sent by Israel in May were only 10% of what Ukraine requested. Israel sent 2,000 helmets and 500 flak jackets which, according to the Defense Ministry, will be given to rescue forces and civilian organizations.

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Since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, Tel Aviv has tried to maintain its ties with Moscow and to date has refused to send defense equipment to Ukraine instead sending more than 100 tonnes of humanitarian aid and setting up a field hospital in western Ukraine for six weeks.

Israel's policies are in stark contrast to those of the US and many European countries, which have provided Ukraine with lethal weapons.

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