The Navy SEAL, US Special Forces Unit Capable of Performing Various Dangerous Missions

The Navy SEAL, US Special Forces Unit Capable of Performing Various Dangerous Missions
The US Navy SEAL

International Military - The US Navy SEAL are perhaps the most well-known special operations community unit in the world. There are many documentaries, films, and series that tell about this unit. Despite all that, the Navy SEALs do have something very interesting for the general public.

This unit is described as the most mysterious and complicated unit. As is known, SEAL stands for Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams. Of course, the missions involved were numerous and all of them were quite difficult.

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Quoted from, Navy SEAL hatched from Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) or "frogmen" from World War Two who operated in secret for the Office of Strategic Services. They carry out reconnaissance and blow up hazards and obstacles. This was done with the aim of preventing the enemy from stopping the landing of the main element of the attacking force from the landing craft.

The Navi SEAL have a variety of missions. However, the main thing is the unique infiltration and exfiltration inside and outside the battle zone. The Navy can include SEALs in a variety of ways. Starting from HALO freefall from an airplane or deployed by ship or submarine. Until the SEALs can get to the battlefield in some way.

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In addition, the SEALs have a primary maritime mission. With this mission, SEALs swim underwater to carry out objectives. For example, blowing up enemy ships from below, eliminating terrorists, to boarding them to save hostages.

Not only is the ability to swim the main thing, the Navi SEAL are also equipped with very sharp shooters. It is this sniper who plays a role in killing the pirates who threaten the shipping lanes. Then, sometimes the SEAL's mission is to gather intelligence or break doors in direct action attacks.

They still had the UDT mission to prepare for an amphibious landing. Not just a maritime environment, SEAL can operate in deserts, mountains and extreme Arctic weather.

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Quoted from, one of the SEAL's track records is the rescue of aid workers in Somalia in 2012. American aid worker Jessica Buchanan and her Danish partner, Poul Thisted, work for a non-governmental organization called the Danish Aid Council.

However, they were kidnapped in late 2011 and held for three months by gunmen near the town of Adado in north-central Somalia. On the night of January 25, 2012, an Air Force Special Operations aircraft carried about two dozen operators mostly from DEVGRU to a location about two miles from where the hostages were being held. After parachuting and walking through the darkness to the camp, the SEALs manage to surprise the kidnappers.

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The Navi SEAL killed all nine of them within minutes. Buchanan and Thisted were evacuated by helicopter to the American base in Djibouti, where they received medical treatment. This story is even perpetuated by Buchanan in his book "Impossible Odds".

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