Have the M-60 Battle Tank Sophisticated and Deadly, Why Didn't the US Send It to Ukraine?

Have the M-60 Battle Tank Sophisticated and Deadly, Why Didn't the US Send It to Ukraine?
The US M-60 Battle Tank

International Military - Since Russia invaded Ukraine, various combat weapons have been deployed in the Kyiv region. With this, it is also evident that Russia has won several victories in some areas of Ukraine. Not only that, it is also known that Russia's main battle tank (MBT) arsenal is reportedly larger than that of the United States.

So this is also one of the proofs, why Russia is not afraid of weapons aid from European countries to Ukraine. But since last February, Russia has indeed deployed a lot of tanks to carry out the invasion of Ukraine.

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Reporting from 19 forty five, this would certainly be a very bad situation for Moscow itself. So some of the older tanks are eventually deployed to Eastern Ukraine, while some of the other armored vehicles will be defended first.

With Russia relying on its old tanks in Ukraine, this of course can also be exploited by the United States by sending other weapons. It should also be noted that this old tank belonging to the United States is no less tough and powerful than other combat vehicles.

So that it can help launch Russia's intentions in carrying out an invasion that has begun since Thursday, February 24, 2022. If Russia uses sophisticated old battle tanks, why doesn't America send sophisticated old vehicles to Ukraine too?

It is worth noting that the United States also has old tanks of extraordinary strength. The tank is an M60 currently known to be at the Sierra Army Depot (SIAD) Herlong, California. The United States does store a large amount of military hardware there, which is also home to a number of old American M60 tanks.

Quoted from how stuff works, this M-60 tank has three parts. These components are divided into parts for driving, engines, and for fighting or weapons parts. The exterior, already coated with steel that has better resistance, so that it can be mounted main gun with a length of 105mm.

Not only that, this M-60 has been accompanied by a rifle, so it can fire six to eight bullets every minute. The tank is also armed with one main gun, one NATO machine gun, and one M85 caliber machine gun. So that will make the M-60 tank more capable to be on the battlefield.

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However, it turned out that this old American M-60 tank could not be of any help to the Ukrainian military. This may be due to a variety of reasons that the United States has no intention of sending it to Kyiv.

One of the reasons here is that the United States military must train Ukraine to use it first. Also, adding another platform to the mix will present additional logistical challenges later. So this will not be easy if you use the M60.

Another heavy consideration is Moscow's response that will appear when the United States supplies these weapons to Ukraine. Moreover, with the deployment of these tanks, it can also unwittingly attract Washington to be directly involved in the conflict.

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In addition, by seeing the US tanks, of course, Moscow will also attack the convoy carrying the M-60 tanks. Another thing that is no less important to be considered is that Taiwan is currently continuing to increase its M-60 fleet. So it is likely that the US will keep the M-60 for the island nation in anticipation of an invasion by China into Taiwan.

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