Russia overwhelmed, UK ready to send US-made M270 long-range rocket launcher to Ukraine

Russia overwhelmed, UK ready to send US-made M270 long-range rocket launcher to Ukraine
US-made M270 long-range rocket launcher

International Military - Russia's victory over Ukraine still seems difficult to materialize. Although on paper Russia's military power is far greater than that of Ukraine, in fact the 100-day invasion by Vladimir Putin has not been able to repulse the Kiev troops.

Ukraine is able to defend itself so far, of course, it cannot be separated from the role of aid from Western countries which continue to send weapons. Since the beginning of the invasion, Ukraine has been provided with weapons and ammunition by Western countries, including the United States and Britain. Turkey also sent a Bayraktar TB2 drone which turned out to be able to knock out Russian troop units.

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As if it didn't stop flowing, this time weapons aid came from England. Britain agreed to supply Ukraine with the MLRS M270 rocket launcher system. This rocket launcher has a tough spec and is not kidding, it is very suitable to be used against Russia to withdraw from Ukrainian territory.

The M270 rocket launcher system can strike targets within a range of up to 80 kilometers. Reporting from Reuters, British support for Russia is constantly changing according to developments in Russian tactics. "This highly reliable multiple-launch rocket system will allow our Ukrainian friends to better protect themselves against the brutal use of long-range artillery." Russia's brutal tactic is considered indiscriminate. "Russian troops are indiscriminately leveling cities," said Ben Wallace, the UK's defense secretary.

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The delivery of the M270 rocket launcher is a complement to the rocket system that the United States will also send to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden has also stated that his party will deliver the M142 or HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System.

However, Biden provided the condition that the rockets would not be used to strike targets inside Russian territory. Russia has also denounced the US action in sending weapons in the form of HIMARS rocket launchers. Russia considers it as something that can no longer be tolerated.

For Ukrainian forces, the HIMARS and M270 rocket launcher systems are a novelty. The UK promised that Ukrainian troops would receive training on how to use the M270 rocket launcher. In addition, Ukrainian troops will also be trained using armored vehicles aided by the West.

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Reporting from The Guardian, the M270 rocket launcher is made by Lockheed Martin, a defense equipment manufacturer from the United States.

The M270 has superior quality and is quite sophisticated which is armed with high-explosive grenade ammunition and can also fire Lockheed Martin's long-range missiles, the Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS). This rocket launcher can fire up to 12 rockets at once in almost the same time.

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