Turkey Proposes Terms If it Agrees to Sweden and Finland Joining To NATO

Turkey Proposes Terms If it Agrees to Sweden and Finland Joining To NATO
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

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- After Russia launched its military operations, especially in Ukraine, it is known that Sweden and Finland stated that they wanted to join NATO. However, it seems that Turkey has firmly stated that it cannot accept requests from Sweden and Finland to join NATO.

Although it is known to date, several NATO member countries have given their approval for the two countries to join. This was conveyed directly by the President of Turkey, Erdogan some time ago.

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It should also be noted that if Turkey does not give permission, of course Sweden and Finland will not be able to join NATO. This happens because the condition for joining NATO is to get the approval of all members.

In the end, it was stated that Turkey made several conditions for Sweden and Finland if they wanted to join the NATO member. It is also known, in addition to the conditions submitted, Turkey also provides several other requirements.

Quoted from Defense Security Asia, that Turkey has set conditions before agreeing to accept the two countries. It is known that the main condition set by Turkey is wanting to be included in the F-35 Lightning II program.

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So with this, it will be possible for Ankara to get back 100 fifth-generation fighters as previously agreed. It was also explained that if as a partner of the F-35 aircraft program, then Turkey should have acquired 100 fighter jets. But behind this too, it is known that the United States is currently upset and angry with Turkey.

This happened because Turkey insisted on acquiring the S-400 air defense system from Russia. So this sparked anger from the United States and acted to remove Turkey from the F-35 aircraft development program.

The anger of the United States is known to be due to fears that Russia will use the S-400 air defense system it supplies to Turkey. Not only that, it is also worried that it will be integrated with NATO air defense systems to spy on sensitive information about the capabilities of the F-35 aircraft.

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Apart from being excluded from the F-35 aircraft development program, Turkey also experienced other obstacles. It is understood Ankara is facing difficulties in obtaining developer kits for its F-16 aircraft from the United States.

So that with the entry of two countries into NATO, of course, it will provide an opportunity for Turkey to get the opportunity it had before. Especially the opportunity to involve the restoration of his rights to the F-35 aircraft.

Reportedly, regarding this request from Turkey, it is known that the United States has agreed to the second request. Namely, approved the purchase of the latest variant of the F-16 Block 70 aircraft and the F-16 development kit to Turkey. However, in order to acquire these 100 F-35s, the United States still insists that Ankara must ditch the Russian S-400 air defense system. Or if it can be sent to Ukraine to be used while guarding the region from Moscow attacks.

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In this regard, it was also known beforehand that Turkey had indeed taken a neutral stance towards the conflict. Even flatly refused to do so because it would strain relations with Moscow.

In addition, it will also destroy the wishes and hopes of Turkey in mediating the conflict. However, until now, regarding the joining of Sweden and Finland, it is still in the negotiation stage.

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