The Mi-17 Helicopters Sent by US to Ukraine Turns out it's made in Russia, Peek Sophistication

The Mi-17 Helicopters Sent by US to Ukraine Turns out it's made in Russia, Peek Sophistication
The Mi-17 helicopters sent by United States to Ukraine

International Military - Since the Russian invasion, the United States has been known to continue to encourage Ukraine by providing support and assistance. It is also known that some aid from the United States has been used by the Ukrainian army. Even some of them are also known to have succeeded in defeating Russian weapons which are famous for being sophisticated and cool.

In addition, it is currently reported that the United States will send another arms aid to Ukraine. Quoted from, the United States is rumored to be sending Mi-17 helicopters to Ukraine. The helicopter assistance was included as part of the $800 million White House aid package agreed in April.

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But another thing that surprised me was that the Mi-17 helicopter was made in Russia. Mi-17 helicopters have a variety of capabilities that can later be utilized by Ukraine. Such as carrying twin turbines to being used as weapons warships.

It was previously known that this helicopter was first purchased by the United States to assist the Afghan military. However, some time later, it was discovered that President Joe Biden had asked for troops to withdraw from the country. Until finally the helicopter was reallocated to assist Ukraine in its efforts to push the Russian state out of Kyiv.

"We are doing the best we can to ensure that Ukraine has the capabilities it needs at this time," said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. He also said that this would indeed be needed by kyiv to defend the sovereignty of the Ukrainian state itself.

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Reportedly, Mi-17 helicopters will arrive in Ukraine this month. In addition, the report also stated that 11 Mi-17 helicopters will be present in Ukraine. Even a Twitter account has also shared four photos showing the 11 helicopters.

The post shows the helicopter being removed from storage after engineers prepared the plane for delivery to Ukraine. The post says that no less than 11 Mi-17 V-5 helicopters are shiny, but built in Russia. "No less than 11 shiny Mi-17-V-5 helicopters, ironically built by the Russian Kazan Helicopter Factory," the post reads.

An account run by researchers Caliber Obscira and Armory Bazaar added that several helicopters may have arrived in Ukraine. In his estimation, some of the helicopters have arrived in Ukraine in recent weeks.

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It should also be noted that this Mi-17 has indeed been produced and designed by a company in Russia. This helicopter is considered one of the most sophisticated and modern vehicles in the world today.

So it is possible for troops to carry out patrols, escorts, and search and rescue missions. This helicopter has been designed by the Soviets, and while for NATO known as 'hip'.

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