The Zadira, Russian Laser Weapon That Can Damage Opponent's GPS System

The Zadira, Russian Laser Weapon That Can Damage Opponent's GPS System
The Zadira, Russian Laser Weapon

International Military - The Zadira is a Russian laser weapon that has been used on battlefields in Ukraine so frighteningly, though the United States says there is no evidence of its use. In fact Zadira is a sophisticated weapon with a myriad of advantages.

Yury Borisov, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of military development, told Russian TV that a laser prototype called Zadira was being deployed in Ukraine and had burned the Ukrainian drone within five seconds at a distance of 5 km (three miles).

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Zadira's way of working is said to be different from the Persevet, Russia's previous generation laser. "If Persevet is blinded, then this latest generation laser weapon aims at the physical destruction of the target by thermal destruction which makes the target burn with heat," Borisov said as reported by Russian Today.

Borisov's remarks show that Russia has made significant progress with laser weapons, a trend that appeals to other nuclear powers such as the United States and China.

In addition to the benefits in conventional warfare by burning drones, blinding reconnaissance systems also have a strategic impact as satellites are used to monitor intercontinental ballistic missiles carrying nuclear weapons.

Dangerously, Zadira is an addition to an earlier laser system called Peresvet - named after a medieval Orthodox warrior monk - that can be used to dazzle satellites orbiting high above Earth and prevent them from gathering information.

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