The Same Fate as Ukraine, China Continues to Deploy Fighter Jets to Taiwan's Airspace

The Same Fate as Ukraine, China Continues to Deploy Fighter Jets to Taiwan's Airspace

International Military - Taiwan is experiencing the same concerns as Ukraine. As is well known, China has claimed Taiwan as a renegade province. Beijing claims Taipei as part of a self-sufficient Chinese territory. This situation, of course, led many to think that Taiwan might become the second Ukraine. Moreover, China is trying very hard to get the country back. Reporting from News Week, China has reportedly deployed 20 of their fighter jets off the southwest coast of Taiwan. The deployment of the 20 fighter jets is China's largest air force exercise this year.

Regarding the large exercise carried out by China, this has also been reported directly by the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan. Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said that 20 fighter jets and eight support aircraft of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLA) were involved in the exercise. The planes were seen entering Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ).

Meanwhile, it was reported that the exercise was the largest display of force by the Chinese Air Force since Taiwan detected 39 PLA aircraft at ADIZ on January 23. Quoted from Al Jazeera, the exercise was carried out by China when there was news that Taiwan would deepen its security ties with the United States (US).

So this made China decide to deploy 30 of their military aircraft to the ADIZ area of ​​Taiwan. It was also reported that this action was also one of the biggest attacks that occurred since last January.

In this regard, the US said last month that China had escalated tensions in the Taiwan Strait. Which aircraft attack is said to be more provocative. In this case, the United States will provide support and supply international arms to Taiwan. Even though the United States does not have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan to date.

Following this, Taiwan's President, Tsai Ing Wen said that they planned to establish cooperative relations between the Taiwanese military and the US. He even said that US senator Tammy Duckworth had become one of the main sponsors of the Taiwan Partnership Act. "We look forward to closer and deeper cooperation between Taiwan and the US on regional security issues," Tsai said.


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    But I think issues may lead third world war therefore the G20 should think critically and solve these problem

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