Russia's Joint Patrol, China Confirms It Will Not Target Third-Party Countries Like Japan

Russia's Joint Patrol, China Confirms It Will Not Target Third-Party Countries Like Japan
In this undated file photo, Wu Qian, spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense, addresses a press briefing in Beijing, China.

International Military - Russia and China conduct joint patrols. The two countries which are known to have conflicts with the United States (US) are conducting patrols in several territorial waters. The territorial waters included in the targets of the Russian and Chinese patrols include the Sea of ​​Japan, the East China Sea and the West Pacific.

Reporting from Defense Security Asia, both China and Russia have deployed unusual fighters. It is known for China, they chose the fifth generation fighter J-20 Mighty Dragon to be deployed on patrol. As for Russia, it is known to have trusted the Su-57 aircraft to side with China's J-20.

It was reported that there is a possibility of joint patrols of Russian and Chinese warplanes appearing after they carry out joint patrols. It was previously known that this patrol had involved fighter planes and bombers in the new waters.

It is known recently that joint patrols carried out by China and Russia have indeed used other advanced fighter aircraft. In this case, China chose the J-16, while Russia chose the Su-30 to carry out the joint patrol. Which is also known to have been accompanied by H-6K and Tu-95MS bombers belonging to the two countries.

With this joint patrol, it will certainly increase the tension between the Indo-Pacific that occurs in the Sea of ​​Japan, East China Sea, to the West Pacific. Moreover, it is known that China has indeed threatened to attack Taiwan, while US President Joe Biden has said he will openly help send aid to Taipei to fight Beijing.

Even in this case, it is known that China has warned that the US should not interfere with what they are targeting. This action will indeed exacerbate tensions between these countries. This patrol was also answered by Taiwan and the US, which then also sent their fighter planes. It is known that four F-15 and F-16 fighter aircraft have been deployed to also carry out joint patrols in the Sea of ​​Japan.

In this case, of course, the Japanese also objected to the existence of patrols that could also threaten their country. It is known in this case the Japanese Ministry of Defense expressed its objections in this regard. Moreover, this patrol has also been carried out in close proximity to the location and territory of Japan itself.

However, regarding this patrol, the Chinese side has made it clear that it will not target a third party country in this conflict. However, quoted from the Eurasian Times page, recently China did raise their stakes in the Taiwan area. This was done to counter external interference from the United States and its regional allies in the event of an invasion.

China had previously promised to join Taiwan with them, because it was considered a renegade province. It is even known that the Chinese also said they would do it in any way, including by force. Moreover, with increasing support from the United States to Taiwan, it may only be a matter of time before Beijing decides to breach the "middle line".

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