The Former CIA: It Might Be Nuclear War If NATO Goes To War With Putin And Russia

The Former CIA: It Might Be Nuclear War If NATO Goes To War With Putin And Russia
NATO Vs Russia

International Military - Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent Robert Baer says NATO is moving towards direct war with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to him, the conflict may turn into a nuclear war.

Baer believes the situation is likely to get much worse where Putin, he argues, is pursuing "Russian fascism". Baer said no one could predict how far Putin would go.

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The former CIA agent, who discusses Putin's threats in his new book “The Fourth Man,” said the United States was simply ignored during Russia's 2014 invasion of Crimea and then the attack on Ukraine that began on February 24.

"What we have today is worse than anything during the Cold War," he told the British newspaper Express, Thursday (9/6/2022).

"Undoubtedly the West should support Ukraine, but at the same time we are heading for a direct conflict between NATO and Russia," he said. "Whether it will be nuclear or not is anyone's guess." "Everyone knows about Putin's alleged finding of God. and his embrace of what can be described as Russian fascism, but on the other hand no one expected his delusions to translate into open ground war and genocide.

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"If Putin had really been as unaffected as he seems, things would have been a lot worse." Baer also isn't sure if there's any truth to whether Putin has cancer or some other disease.

Many reports have suggested that Putin has seen swelling of his face in recent months, which could indicate that he is on steroids. At Russia's Victory Day parade last month, Putin appeared frail and used a blanket to stay warm, a stark contrast to the macho image he has developed in the past.

"Regarding Putin's health, I will have no comment other than to say when I was at the CIA I listened to our doctors predict the deaths of various tyrants but in the end when they finally died the time came as a surprise," he said. The former CIA agent believed that the West had underestimated Russia after the end of the Cold War was a mistake.

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"After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the CIA considered the KGB a defeated force and everything stopped spying," Baer said. "It turned out to be a huge mistake because during the 90s the KGB planned their return, infiltrating everywhere it was necessary." He felt that Russian spies working in the US also managed to ensure that the West missed out on what was happening.

"The mole KGB in America also caused enormous damage, worse than the Cambridge Five," he said. "No wonder the CIA misses the hardline KGB behind Putin and their plans to turn back time, to get Ukraine back into the Russian empire," he said.

"Incidentally, the more I learn about Putin's rise, the more I believe he is the silent frontman of the KGB coup rather than Yeltsin's fault." The infiltration, Baer added, has blunted the ability of the United States to predict Putin's moves.

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The immediate effect of the CIA's failure to keep Russia's pulse was that it was unable to connect the dots, namely Putin's 2014 takeover of Crimea with his decision to invade Ukraine this February, he said.

“Not really understanding Putin's ambitions and then not reacting decisively to Crimea is the same as President Obama and Europe's Munich.” “As for Donald Trump, Putin will because increasingly pushed by Trump who never stops talking about leaving NATO. led by an illiterate nativist fool who managed to return the United States to isolationism," Baer continued.

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