The Algerian MiG-25 Foxbat, Regarded as World's Most Capable Fighter Jet Version

The Algerian MiG-25 Foxbat, Regarded as World's Most Capable Fighter Jet Version
The Algerian MiG-25 Foxbat

International Military - The Algerian Air Force continues to operate its 10th unit of fighter jets consisting of a very modern variant of the MiG 25 Foxbat heavyweight interceptor. These jets represent the fastest fighter aircraft in frontline service anywhere in the world.

In fact, Algeria was the first export client for the MiG-25 and received it about seven years after it first entered service in the Soviet Union in 1970. From there, Algeria continued to place further orders for more modern Foxbat variants.

The MiG-25 was by far the most capable Soviet aircraft ever exported during the Cold War in terms of air-to-air capability.

Quoted by Military Watch Magazine, this jet has been deployed against enemy warplanes in at least five countries with an outstanding record in combat conditions. The MiG-25 saw its most prominent operations in Algeria in 1988 when the country hosted a congress of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) which the Israeli Air Force deemed carrying out air strikes.

The Algerian Air Force used MiG-25s to enforce a no-fly zone around the congress area with two Foxbats constantly patrolling over it. As the Israeli F-15s approached Algerian airspace, the subsequent seizure of the MiG-25s reportedly had a decisive impact and forced the Eagles to turn around.

The Algerian MiG-25 is also considered the most capable to enter service. The jet was also extensively upgraded in the 1990s to the latest standards in terms of avionics and sensors.

However, their operating costs are very high. This raises questions about their viability as air-to-air missile technology continues to improve creating a strong incentive to retire.

The MiG-25 may forever hold the title of the world's fastest manned fighter jet. Although it has since been outright defeated in particular by the Chinese WZ-8 drone which represents the world's first hypersonic aircraft with an estimated speed of around Mach 6.

The Foxbat's speed is estimated to be around Mach 3.2, although the plane was very far ahead of entering service some 50 years before the WZ-8. The Foxbat has no direct successor in Russia at this time, with production of the MiG-31 ending in 1994.

Quoted from the National Interest, in the late 1960s, the MiG-25 (NATO term "Foxbat") debuted as the world's deadliest fighter. As already mentioned, he is the fastest jet that is claimed to be a competitor to the SR-71 Blackbird. Bearing a sinister name, forbidden profile, and some great stats, the Foxbat looks like a world-beater.

Not only speed, but Foxbat also tolerates high altitude and heavy weapon payloads. Combined with lessons from third-generation fighters in Vietnam, the Foxbat's presence helped spur US innovation, driving development of the F-15 Eagle.

However, there are still weaknesses in this aircraft. Design flaws, manufacturing problems, and the loss of key aspects of its mission meant that it could not compete seriously in quality with the best fighters of its time. Despite its astonishing performance, the Foxbat has now almost disappeared from the inventory of the world's air forces.

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