Not the US F-16, Turkey is Allegedly Ready to Acquire the European Fighter Eurofighter Typhoon

Not the US F-16, Turkey is allegedly ready to acquire the European fighter Eurofighter Typhoon
Turkish F-16 fighter jet

Ankara - Turkey is one country that is currently trying to increase its country's military strength. One of Turkey's wishes is to be strengthened by the US F-35 stealth. However, because Turkey bought the Russian-made S-400, it became a problem.

Because the US has a rule in the form of CAATSA, in which any country is prohibited from cooperating with Russia in the purchase of defense equipment such as the S-400. As time goes on, Turkey is said to be considering acquiring European warplanes.

The fighter aircraft that is thought to be one of Turkey's choices is the Eurofighter Typhoon. One of the allegations of a possible purchase of the Typhoon was shared by Malaysian media, namely Defense Security Asia. The report explains that Turkey is suspected of being interested in 80 Typhoons.

Turkey's desire to have the Typhoon is mentioned because efforts to be able to have the F-16 did not go smoothly.

Quoted from Defense Security Asia., Turkey is said to be considering acquiring around 80 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets after efforts to procure 80 "modification kits" of F-16 aircraft and more advanced variants of the aircraft did not receive a response from the United States.

Turkey also wants to make the Eurofighter Typhoon a “measurement gap” while the fifth-generation fighter “T-FX” is actually making progress and operational.

Despite being a member of NATO, Turkey has had difficulty purchasing more modern variants of the F-16 aircraft. This is after its relationship with the US was affected by Turkey's purchase of the Russian S-400 earlier.

As a result of the purchase of the S-400, Turkey was also excluded from the F-35 aircraft program. Turkey is also completely barred from acquiring stealth aircraft. Prior to being 'banned' from acquiring the F-35, the Turkish Air Force had ordered 100 stealth aircraft.

Turkey is one of the countries that use the most F-16 aircraft besides the US. However most of them are old and need a 'modification kit' to be upgraded in order to continue their service to the Turkish Air Force. He has used F-16s for 35 years, with his air force holding up to 270 F-16C/Ds.

Turkey also wants to acquire the F-16V which is the latest variant of the fighter jet from the US but Turkey's application is met with opposition from the country's congress. The Turkish Air Force is said to be very interested in the two-engine Eurofighter Typhoon being built by Britain, Italy and Germany.

Turkey's interest in Typhoon certainly has its own reasons. due to its low cross sectional radar, modern avionics, sensor fusion and super cruise capability. The Mediterranean country is reportedly interested in getting the latest variant of the fighter, either the Tranche 3A or 4.

Speculation about the possibility of Turkey acquiring the Eurofighter Typhoon increased when the Chief of the Turkish Air Force Hassan Kucukakyuz visited the UK and met with his British counterpart.

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