Russia Is Overwhelmed To Invade Ukraine As Western Countries Continue To Supply Weapons To Kiev

Russia Is Overwhelmed To Invade Ukraine As Western Countries Continue To Supply Weapons To Kiev
A pro-Russian rebel looks up as he rides a Russian-flagged tank on a road east of Donetsk, eastern Ukraine

International Military - Since the invasion by Russia, it is known that Ukraine has indeed received a lot of help from European countries. In fact, it was also recently reported that the United States and Britain have agreed to send Kyiv their long-range missile system.

Although it is known this will inflame Russia, until the threats that have been repeatedly conveyed by Putin. What Putin knows is that there will be a risk of nuclear war if Ukraine continues to receive heavy weapons assistance.

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Reporting from Asia Times, this threat from Russia does not seem to upset the United States or Britain. It is even known that the aid for Ukraine will also be sent in a very short time. However, it is also important to note that Russia already has a variety of advanced weapons and is similar to what Ukraine has.

But, of course, it would also be very surprising why Russia was so concerned about the aid from the United States and Britain. Moreover, since the invasion carried out in February 2022, age has deployed a variety of weapons extensively.

It should be noted that, since the world war took place, artillery has indeed become the dominant force on the battlefield. In fact, this continued to happen for decades, so that other combat weapons used on the battlefield would become supporters of the artillery.

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To this day, artillery remains the god of war for Russia, which the Moscow military has used in considerable numbers. Which is used in launching rockets and weapons to blow up roads in order to take over Ukrainian cities and defenses.

So this will certainly make the Russian military superior to troops from Ukraine. But another thing that must be understood and become a concern for Russia is the use of the artillery. Of which the greatest threat to artillery is other artillery used in a so-called “counter-battery” role.

Not only that, it is also reported that there is no system that is superior and tougher than HIMARS (High Mobility Roxket Artillery System). This HIMARS is a derivative of the M 270 or MLRS which is no less tough and has sophisticated power. This is what Britain will later send to help Ukraine.

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Looking at it, this level of Russian displeasure is also likely to be demonstrated by the first cruise missile strike in Kiev. These attacks also continue to be accompanied by threats from Putin who emphatically states that there will be more of the same if such supplies continue.

But while this would be bad news for Russia, it's certainly a turnaround for Kiev. Because for Ukraine, this is very good news for their army.

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