NATO Arms Moscow, Ukraine Find US-Made Microchips In Confiscated Russian Weapons

NATO Arms Moscow, Ukraine Find US-Made Microchips In Confiscated Russian Weapons

International Military - Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 is still continuing today. Both Russia and Ukraine are said to have confiscated each other's weapons. Reporting from the page The Defense Post, it was recently reported that Ukraine has seized weapons and military equipment belonging to Russia.

During the seizure, Ukraine found a US-made microchip mounted on a Russian air defense command post vehicle. In a report, it is rumored that the part comes from the Barnaul-T system.

In this case, it is explained that the chip is manufactured by technology companies in the US, such as Intel, Micrel, Micron Technology, and Atmel Corp. In addition, Ukrainian specialists have found five US-made microchips from AMD, Rochester Electronics, Texas Instruments and Linear Technology in the Pantsir air defense system. This will certainly be a big question mark for some people regarding the discovery of the US in Moscow weapons.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times page, it turned out that last April Russia did buy British-made dual-use components. This is in the form of electronic chips and switchboards for weapons through intermediary businesses in India and China.

Not only that question that arises, but there are some people who estimate whether NATO is also arming Russia in this conflict? In a report published by the Eurasian Times, it is reported that at least ten NATO member countries have exported $378.6 million to Putin. Which German and French companies also contributed 78 percent with a value of 295.4 million dollars as military exports.

It is known that despite an EU-wide embargo on arms supplies to Russia after the latter previously annexed Crimea in 2014. But Germany as well as France are sending bombs, rockets, missiles and weapons to Moscow. In addition, it is reported that the French company has also delivered thermal imaging cameras, as well as navigation systems for fighter aircraft, attack helicopters and tanks.

With this, member states will take advantage of loopholes in the agreement signed before August 1, 2014. Which is the possibility of whether the contract for the next will close the agreement or will be terminated.

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