German Bundeswehr Leaks Unusual and Proven Performance of A400M

German Bundeswehr Leaks Unusual and Proven Performance of A400M

International Military - The quality of the A400M is no longer in doubt about its capabilities. Because it is proven that the A400M has successfully carried out several kinds of tactical operations in several areas. One of them is a special coastal maritime area that the A400M can run.

Quoted from, the A400M successfully landed on the beach at night. From this quality, the A400M is able to carry out infiltration missions quickly and precisely. In addition, the A400M also proved capable of landing on off-road runways. Not only off road runways, but short runways can be taken by the A400M.

Explained in the information, the A400M has the ability to carry a payload of 37 tons. From this weight, the A400M can fly as far as 2,000 nm (3,218 km). For this reason, the A400M is capable of operating at an altitude of up to 40,000 feet. With an altitude of 40,000 feet the A400M can carry out air infiltration missions.

Like the HALO jump, the special forces HAHO jump can be run by the A400M. The A400M also offers impressive payload capabilities. It is clear that the A400M can accommodate as many as 116 paratroopers. As well as medium and light combat vehicles can be transported A400M.

Then Helicopters including Chinook can also be loaded onto the A400M. And it's clear that the A400M is a strategic weapon because of its capabilities. In addition, the A400M is capable of carrying 66 stretchers for medical evacuation operations. For that, it's clear that the A400M is capable of performing a series of operations. Starting from operations other than war and non-war operations can be run by the A400M.

Quoted from, the A400M first flew in 2010. As a result the A400M completed its maiden test flight in 2013. Please note that Airbus completed certification testing of the A400M on grass runways in November 2015. The A400M demonstrates its ability to land on runways. unpaved at Pembrey Sands Beach, England, in May 2017.

Plus the A400M can refuel six Spanish Air Force F-8 fighter jets in one flight. This shows that the A400M has credibility regarding its capabilities. In addition, the exact number of orders for the A400M has reached more than 174 aircraft.

Malaysia is known to have ordered 4 A400Ms and 170 aircraft were ordered by 7 countries. Including the UK ordered 22 A400M units, Belgium 7 A400M, and Turkey 10 A400M. Then the French developer ordered 50 A400M units and Germany also bought 53 A400M. Then Luxembourg 1 and Spain 27 A400M.

In April 2005, South Africa signed a contract to become a full participant in the A400M program. South Africa ordered 8 aircraft to be delivered between 2010 and 2014. But South Africa later canceled the order in November 2009.

In December 2005, Malaysia signed a contract for the purchase of 4 A400M aircraft. Deliveries of the A400M began in March 2015 and ended in March 2017. With this amount, the A400M has become a highly coveted transport aircraft defense equipment.

Because of the large carrying capacity, it is clear that the prestige of the C-130J herculer can be rivaled. Moreover, there is information about the quality of the A400M that was leaked by the German Bundeswehr. "With the A400M they flew to Bath to help get people out of the country via rapid air evacuation," wrote Instagram @bundeswehr.

From this explanation, the A400M is good for rapid air evacuation missions. For this reason, the leak of the unusual and proven performance of the A400M is a matter of fast air evacuation missions that have proven to be effective. Moreover, the maximum flight speed of the A400M can reach Mach 0.72.

That means the A400M can be launched up to a maximum speed of 720 km / h. While the cruising speed of the A400M can reach 500 km / h. With this speed, the A400M deserves to be Indonesia's future defense system.

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