Russia Receives Two New Su-57 Fighters Amid Many Sanctions Received From Western Countries

Russia Receives Two New Su-57 Fighters Amid Many Sanctions Received From Western Countries
Two New Su-57 Fighters

International Military - The Russian Air Force received two new Su-57 fighters. This is a significant change considering that Russia is being hit by various sanctions. It is these sanctions that can make the production of Russian defense equipment under threat.

Quoted from, Russia's military offensive in Ukraine has prompted other countries to impose an extraordinary series of coordinated economic sanctions against Russia. The measures aim to limit ordinary trade and financial relations with Russia.

Not only that, the sanctions are also intended to punish the Russian oligarchs for supporting President Vladimir Putin. By crippling Russia's economy, all is expected to deter Putin from continuing the war. However, the effects of these sanctions are far-reaching.

Moreover, its full effect on the Russian economy is still ongoing, as are the related implications for economic activity in other countries. However, who would have thought that the country just got two new planes? Moreover, it is the Su-57 aircraft, a fifth-generation stealth fighter jet that is very relevant to today's warfare.

Launching Military Watch Magazine, Komsomolsk at the Amur Aircraft Factory in the Russian Far East has delivered two new Su-57 fighters. The aircraft was serially produced for the Russian Air Force, with fuselages numbered red 53 and 54. It is hoped that by 2025, deliveries will increase to 14. The previous two airframes were delivered in February.

Meanwhile, two more are expected to be delivered before January for a total of six by 2022. The Su-57 is one of only three outpost fourth-generation fighter jets in production worldwide, alongside China's J-20 and America's F-35.

Initially, the Su-57 was projected to enter service around 2015-2016. However, this fighter is considered to be less stealthy than its Chinese and American competitors. Nonetheless, the Su-57 benefits from a number of advantages including access to longer range air-to-air and cruise missiles.

Not only that, it also includes the use of a sextuple radar instead of a single radar, much higher endurance, and greater maneuverability at all speeds. In early May, the Su-57 is expected to enter the battlefield in Ukraine. According to anonymous insiders interviewed by Russia's state news agency TASS, the plane was suspected of being involved in the war for most of its duration. "The use of the Su-57 aircraft in Ukraine begins two-three weeks after the start of Special Operations.

The aircraft operates outside the enemy's air defense activity zone. They [the plane] used missiles," a TASS source said. TASS said the claims had not been independently verified. There was no official statement from the military or Russian authorities on the matter.

According to, according to the defense ministry, three series-produced Su-57s were in service with the Russian Air Force in May 2022. However, this is in addition to several prototypes whose status is unclear.

There have been many reports of the Su-57 being used in Ukraine, mostly based on alleged witness sightings and unverified footage. So far, most of the footage purported to show the Su-57 in action has not been verified and sightings of the Su-57 cannot be substantiated to show the Su-57 specifically.

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