Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania No longer Import Electricity From Russia

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania No longer Import Electricity From Russia
Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have completely stopped importing electricity from Russia

International Military - The BALTIC countries are no longer importing electricity from Russia, reports Nord Bull, the European electricity trading exchange. Due to sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, Russian energy supplier InterRAO has been banned from selling electricity in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania since Sunday.

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The countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have been trying to reduce their dependence on Russian energy for years. They increased their own electricity production and strengthened the high-voltage grid with Scandinavia. In 2021, Latvia and Lithuania will only import 300 MWh of electricity from Russia, compared to 1,300 MWh previously.

In early April, the Baltic countries were the first European countries to import gas from Russia. Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda also urged other European countries to stop importing gas from Russia.

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Dutch Minister of Climate and Energy Rob Getten announced in late April that the Netherlands wanted to get rid of Russian gas and oil before the end of the year. "We no longer want to fill Putin's treasury," Cetin said at the time. He acknowledged that reducing dependence on Russia in nine months would be a huge challenge.

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