Circulating Photos on Google Maps Showing Russian Military Bases, This is Google's Response

Circulating Photos on Google Maps Showing Russian Military Bases, This is Google's Response
A Russian airbase as seen from space

International Military - Russia is one of the countries that is being hotly discussed lately. Whether it's related to sanctions that Russia received from various European countries, the war with Ukraine, to issues related to President Vladimir Putin's health. However, it is known recently that the public has also been shocked by photos from Google Maps showing sensitive areas of Russia.

Quoted from Defense Security Asia, it is reported that Google Maps has lifted restrictions on satellite imagery. With this, of course, there are no more secret parts that are closed or free of censorship.

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After being traced, the image that was not exposed to the sensor turned out to be a sensitive location in Russia. It is even known that this sensitive area is also a strategic area for the Russian state itself.

Reportedly, the satellite image shown by Google Maps shows a military base from Russia. This area is the site of ballistic missile launches, military command centers, warships, as well as various strategic assets of the country.

The view shown by the Google Maps satellite also seems quite clear, because it has an image resolution of 0.5 meters/pixel. If you pay attention, there are some images that are quite clear.

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There are pictures of the Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" in port, the nuclear-powered ship "Peter the Great" in Murmansk, to the Slava-class cruiser "Marshal Ustinov". Not only that, it can also be seen from the satellite view that shows the situation at the air base in Kursk which is filled with fighter jets.

Related to this, the Ukrainian military said that this is closely related to the conflict between Russia and Kyiv. So Google decided to lift the ban on sensitive Russian images on Google Maps.

But after some time, this was also responded to by the party from Google through their spokesperson. Which Google spokesman said that the satellite images that can be accessed have been around since before the conflict occurred.

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So that his party emphasized that they had never imposed sanctions like that for the conflicts that occurred. This, of course, also provides clarification regarding the accusations to Google that restrict satellite images from military locations by blurring them.

It is known that the sanctions imposed by Moscow are the cessation of advertising sales in Russia. In addition, Google also stopped access to Google Pay for some users in Russia, and several other sanctions. It is also rumored that Russia has counterattacked by threatening to fine Google for posting inaccurate information about its country.

It is also necessary to know that sensitive areas are hidden, in fact this is the result of cooperation with the government. Which is quoted from Auto Evolution, Google has been working with governments around the world on this matter.

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So that later there will be several locations that are covered and become secret sites. This even includes military locations that cannot be exposed on Google Maps, Google Earth, and other mapping platforms owned by the company.

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