Show with Su-57 fighter jets, Russia Successfully Tests S-70B Okhotnik Stealth Drone

Shown with Su-57 fighter jets, Russia Successfully Tests S-70B Okhotnik Stealth Drone
Su-57 fighter jets and S-70B Okhotnik Stealth Drone

International Military - Russia's invasion of Ukraine began on Thursday, February 24, 2022. Both countries are known to have deployed various weapons to fight each other in the hope of victory in the war. It is even known that both Russia and Ukraine have issued a variety of their best weapons.

It is known that Russia recently conducted a test of their latest hunting drone. Which is quoted from The Defense Post, the hunting weapon is called the S-70B Okhotnik stealth drone.

In its tests, it was reported that this drone carried out guided munitions fire at a ground target as the first test. It is also reported that this drone has also demonstrated its capacity to strike multiple targets.

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Which for the target in this test is camouflaged with a small size in various weather conditions. Actually, this drone has been developed for a long time in making its maiden flight in 2019.It is also known that this drone also appears together with the Su-57 with the ability to fly at a speed of 621 mph. However, for this progress, it is hoped that the S-70B drone can be completed and deployed in 2024.

Advantages of the Okhotnik S-70B Drone

With the testing that has gone according to plan, of course, the hopes of Russia to get it in 2024 can run smoothly. It is reported that this unmanned aircraft has various advantages, which can later be used on the battlefield.

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As quoted from 19fortyfive, this drone comes without an antenna to the air inlet. So whether or not some of these parts will make this S-70B drone difficult to be found by radar.

It is also reported that with a weight of 20 tons, this drone can fly at an altitude of 46 feet at a speed of 621 miles per hour. Not only that, this drone can also fly in reconnaissance mode and transmit targeting data to the Su-57. It is also known that the presence of the S-70B drone is also referred to as the "loyal wing officer" for the Su-57.

If used in combat, the S-70B drone is known to be capable of carrying up to 4,400 pounds of weaponry. So that if Russia has this extraordinary ability, of course it will also have an effect on the strength of Moscow.

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But this American media, it is said that Russia is sometimes too eager to test. Like what happened in 2007 when testing a heavy stealth combat drone. However this seems to Russia never to succeed in achieving their full production.

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