Angry With The Imposition of Western Sanctions on Russia, Putin Says the US Considers God's Messenger

Angry With The Imposition of Western Sanctions on Russia, Putin Says the US Considers God's Messenger
Vladimir Putin threatens if Western countries continue to supply weapons to Ukraine and Says the US Considers God's Messenger

International Military - The conflict between Russia and Ukraine which has taken place since February 24, 2022 has not ended until now. Several Western countries including the United States are known to have provided support and assistance to Ukraine. This, of course, caught Russia's attention.

The country led by Vladimir Putin then threatened if Western countries continued to supply Ukraine with weapons. More recently, Putin has accused the West of saying that the country has been arrogant and is trying to destroy Russia.

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Reporting from the International Military, Putin said that the West had tried to destroy his country by imposing 'bod' sanctions. This was stated by Putin at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 17, 2022.

In the annual exhibition, it is known that almost no participation is seen from the West. Putin then said that his side would not give up on continuing its war on Ukraine. "We are strong people and can overcome any challenge," Putin said.

Not only that, Putin also emphasized that his country's sense of never giving up reflects on its former ancestors, who will solve problems in any way.

With this statement, Putin is known to have managed to captivate the hearts of his listeners and get a standing ovation. Especially after he firmly intends to continue special military operations in Ukraine which he started in February.

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It is even known that Putin's strong determination remains unanimous despite a series of economic sanctions imposed on Moscow. Putin then gave reasons why the invasion of Ukraine could take place.

Putin explained that the main purpose of the invasion was to defend "our" people who were in the Donbas region. In addition, the Russian leader also said that the Moscow army is fighting for Ukraine to defend their rights.

The right in question is the security of development for Russia itself. "In the current situation, against the backdrop of increasing risks and threats to us, Russia's decision to carry out special military operations is forced, difficult," Putin added.

Then regarding the United States which continues to provide assistance to Ukraine, Putin has also given his response. Putin said the United States had considered itself "God's messenger on Earth". As for sanctions from the West, it is a false premise that Russia does not have economic sovereignty.

"Washington and its allies seek to change the course of history to undermine a sovereign and independent Russia," he said.

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