2 Illegal Military Jets Fly Low Over Joe Biden's House, US President Immediately Evacuates

2 Illegal Military Jets Fly Low Over Joe Biden's House, US President Immediately Evacuates
President Joe Biden walks down the steps of Air Force One

International Military - The threat began to be felt by the President of the United States, Joe Biden. And must be immediately evacuated by the secret service in order to maintain his safety and life. Reporting from Russia Today, Joe Biden's safety was questioned after a military plane flew over Biden's property on Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

On Saturday, June 4, 2022 noon local time, Biden was arrested from the Rehoboth Beach area. Joe Biden was enjoying his vacation at the beach, when a plane suddenly flew by and flew low. "The aircraft was immediately escorted out of restricted airspace," US Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said.

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Joe Biden was immediately taken to the nearest fire station in a heavily guarded motorcade. Traffic in the area was also closed for more than 20 minutes.

The US Secret Service conducted a thorough search of the area to investigate any threats to Joe Biden. The presence of this military aircraft was also confirmed by a reporter, Bo Erickon.

Erickson stated that he saw two military jets flying low over Rehoboth Beach. Locals say there was a small white plane flying near Biden's house before the arrival of two military jets. "Initial investigations revealed the pilot was not on the right radio channel, did not follow the NOTAMS (notice to pilots) that had been submitted and did not follow published flight guidelines," the US Secret Service said.

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After confirming that there was no further threat, Joe Biden's convoy returned to Biden's house on the beach. As president of a superpower like the United States, Joe Biden's safety must be prioritized. Moreover, the US has experienced several assassination cases on several of their previous presidents.

Joe Biden is also in the spotlight due to the actions of the US meddling in Taiwan. It is feared that the US presence in Taiwan could trigger the anger of China, which also has a military power no less than the US. In addition, the attitude of the US in the Russia-Ukraine conflict also infuriated Vladimir Putin.

Russia considers some of the aid that the US sent to Ukraine is no longer tolerable. However, the US has not released further statements regarding the case of an illegal plane that passed over Joe Biden's house. The next step in the investigation by the US is to summon the pilot of the plane to determine his motive for illegally crossing.

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