Infiltration Of Low-Flying Fighter Jets Will Be Chaotic, RBS 70 NG Missile Is The Cause

Infiltration Of Low-Flying Fighter Jets Will Be Chaotic, RBS 70 NG Missile Is The Cause
A short-range air defense missile RBS 70 NG

International Military - The method of flying low or known as sea skimming is a surefire way. Especially the surefire way for a fighter jet to fly low without having to be detected by radar. Quoted from on April 3, 2021, low flying is a technique to evade detection. Especially the radar infrared detection will be much minimized by the low-flying method.

As a result, the low-flying method must fly as close as possible to the sea and land. And it was proven in the Falkland battle between Argentina and England how to fly low by Argentine pilots. The Argentine pilot himself at that time managed to attack HMS Sheffield with an Exocet from a Super Etendard fighter jet.

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In his information Super Etendard did a low-flying method to avoid detection by British warships. As a result, the method was successfully carried out and made the low-flying method a superior method. However, for now, the low-flying method has many counters.

As radars are getting more sophisticated and AWACS aircraft are becoming low-flying tacklers. That's only in the detection sector, and for low-flying defense equipment, it's clearly there. One of them is a short-range air defense missile or what can be said MANPADS.

Moreover, this MANPADS is of advanced quality and it is certain that the low-flying method can be broken. It is known that the MANPADS are RBS 70 NG.

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RBS 70 NG itself turns out to be another name that is certainly quite sophisticated. Quoting from, another name for the RBS 70 NG is Ground Based Air Defense (GBAD). This means that these MANPADS have the ability to protect various objects on the ground from various air threats.

In addition, the RBS 70 NG is a relatively new Very Short Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) capable hand missile. Because in 2011 the Swedish Saab just introduced the RBS 70 NG to the international public.

At this time it is known that the user of the RBS 70 NG is the Brazilian Army (Exercito Brasileiro). For Exercito Brasileiro, the RBS 70 NG guided missile MANPADS was used in 2014. And the most unique thing about the RBS 70 NG belonging to Exercito Brasileiro was that it was commissioned at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the use of the RBS 70 NG by Exercito Brasileiro, so far this missile is still trusted.

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Previously, the RBS 70 NG was a development and renewal of the RBS 70 Mk 2 which had advanced technology. Because the RBS 70 NG has a very fast level of mobility and operation compared to other MANPADS.

Quoted from YouTube Saab which shows the operation of the RBS 70 NG. It is known that the time needed to prepare to fire the RBS 70 NG is very short. For the preparation of firing and launch operations from the RBS 70 NG it takes only 30 seconds.

A very short time for the MANPADS VSHORAD missile similar to the RBS 70 NG from Sweden's SAAB. Not only the preparation time for operation, but the RBS 70 NG can also be reloaded within 5 seconds. With this speed, it is not surprising that until now it is suspected that the RBS 70 NG has begun to be of interest to many countries.

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RBS 70 NG stands for Robot System 70 next generation. In addition, the RBS 70 NG itself can be easily carried or mobilized by 3 personnel. As a result, the RBS 70 NG becomes the latest defense system that can prevent air infiltration by flying low

Plus the RBS 70 NG is designed for high modularity and flexibility. This means that the RBS 70 NG can be mounted on vehicles and surface vessel platforms with great ease. The effective range of the RBS 70 NG missile itself can reach 9 km. And the RBS 70 NG can fly up to a height of 5 kilometers.

For seekers, the RBS 70 NG carries advanced technology that can track and destroy targets. The RBS 70 NG can be operated during the day and night and in any adverse weather conditions. Especially in maintaining vital objects, the role of RBS 70 NG can be used properly.

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Not to mention there is information if the RBS 70 NG can be installed in the vehicle platform. From the existence of the RBS 70 NG defense equipment, fighter jets that want to infiltrate low-flying via land will be able to stumble.

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