Owns The 5th Generation Chengdu J-20, It Turns Out That China Also Uses a Light Class Fighter Jet

Owns The 5th Generation Chengdu J-20, It Turns Out That China Also Uses a Light Class Fighter Jet
The 5th Generation Chengdu J-20 Fighter Jet

International Military - China is one of the countries with a very formidable military power. China's capable military capabilities are supported by a formidable formidable military industry. One clear proof of the military industry's toughness is the creation of the fifth generation of stealth.

The fifth generation fighter J-20 Mighty Dragon has been successfully developed by China. This is clear evidence that China's military industry is indeed formidable. The presence of the Chinese J-20 is also a formidable challenger to the F-35 and F-22 Raptor.

The use of fighter jets has now become one of the most capable fighter fleets. The function of the fighter jet has been proven in various battles in the world. Fighter jets can help a country's air defense from enemy threats.

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Today, various advanced fighter jets have been produced by aerospace companies around the world. Even though they have just entered the era of fifth-generation or stealth fighter jets, a number of big countries are now actually trying to develop the next generation of fighter jets. But the interesting part is the role of light fighter jets which is still needed as an air defense asset.

Although the current popularity of well-known fighter jets continues to rise, the demand for light fighter jets continues to grow. Reporting from the Eurasian Times, one example is India, the country already has a number of quite capable fighter jets such as the Mirage 2000, Jaguar, Su-30MKI, and the French Rafale.

Even so, India is still developing the Tejas light fighter jet for its air force and foreign sales. Apart from that, India is also in the process of developing its future fighter jet, AMCA. Not only India, Turkey is also currently producing Hurjet light fighter jets in the midst of trying to get the US F-35.

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Turkey's F-35 fighter jet deal to be purchased from the US was lost due to the purchase of the Russian-made S-400 air defense system. Even so, Turkey is trying to be independent by trying to produce its own fifth-generation fighter jet, called the TF-X. While China has L-15 jets, trainer aircraft, and JF-17 developed with Pakistan.

Talking about fighter jets, a real example of its use can be seen from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has deployed Su-35 fighter jets to carry out various attacks in Ukraine. "Russia uses Su-35 fighter jets in Ukraine," reads the headline of ilkha.com which was released on March 20, 2022. "During the execution of the flight mission, fighter pilots of the Russian Air Force carried out the detection and interception of air targets and destroyed the air defense systems of the Ukrainian Armed Forces," the ministry said in a statement.

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The Su-35 fighter jet is the designation for two improved derivatives of the Su-27 air defense fighter. They are single-seat, twin-engine, supermaneuverable aircraft, designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau and built by the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Factory.

This type was originally developed by the Soviet Union from the Su-27 and is known as the Su-27M. It incorporated multi-function canards and radar providing multi-role capability. The first prototype made its maiden flight in June 1988." clear source.

The hotcars.com report also states that Russia has included the Su-35 in attacking Ukraine. “As the war in Ukraine continues for more than a month, Russia appears to be realigning its strategy and repositioning its military forces. Beyond Russian ground vehicles, one of the things Moscow is starting to use in Ukraine is the powerful Su-35 jet, the country's most capable fighter.

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In the first phase of the conflict, Putin did not exercise his air superiority on such a scale. Now, the tactics may have changed as more and more Su-35s flew through the sky. During this mission, the new multipurpose fighter demonstrated its capabilities." explained the source April 6, 2022.

Back to China, even though it already has a fifth-generation stealth like the J-20. It turns out that China is also using light-weight fighter jets.

Light fighter jets also have a lower price so that they can be deployed in large numbers. Modern light fighter jets are designed to be equipped with capable ones that meet key criteria for air-to-air combat in addition to reducing maintenance and operational costs. The light fighter aircraft has a low radar signature due to its small size. Radar detects these fighter jets, making targeting a difficult process.

Because of this, light fighter pilots have a much better chance of shooting down the fighter jet first and firing the crucial first shot. There are many criteria to describe a light fighter jet, but the most popular are single engine, low operating cost, lower range, low weapons package.

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