The Big Secret Why Israel's Air Force Could Be the Strongest in the Middle East

The Big Secret Why Israel's Air Force Could Be the Strongest in the Middle East
The Big Secret Why Israel's Air Force Could Be the Strongest in the Middle East

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- The Israeli Air Force has played an important role in the Middle East region. With his various fighter jets and sophisticated drones, he makes the country look more advanced than its neighbors.

 Not only that, the Israeli Air Force has also long been considered the most advanced and lethal branch of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Israeli Air Force (IAF) spearheads the IDF's efforts to combat various tactics of the country's adversaries.

The IAF provides air cover for Israeli ground forces, conducts strikes against targets outside its borders, and generally projects air superiority over the country.

Reporting from, this happened not only because the Israeli army was smart and strong. However, much of the IAF's initial success was due to foreign aid. Foreign arms sales and arms transfers are very easy for Israel to obtain.

Moreover, the country is 'good friends' with the United States. Today, Israel's fleet of American-made jets has special characteristics that increase the superiority of the airframe. This means that Israeli fighter jets may not be the same as those of other countries.

Israel became the first country outside the nine-nation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter joint development group to purchase the stealth fifth-generation jet in 2018.

Israel's F-35I Adir variant is arguably the most advanced and sophisticated fighter jet on rotation in the world today. The jet is externally modified by the IAF and is equipped with an Israeli digital architecture system and electronic warfare capability.

In addition to the F-35I, there are also Israeli F-15I fighter jets. This jet is a special Jewish state variant of the American F-15E Strike Eagle. Similar to the F-35I Adir, Boeing specifically designed this variant to meet Israeli needs and specifications. As expected, the F-35I will carry Israel's SPICE-1000 bomb kit.

Israel is pushing for bigger concessions from the Pentagon, including authorization to independently carry out heavy maintenance work and some significant external modifications. Israel initially wanted a different fighter. Who would have thought that the country wanted the F-22 Raptor. In fact, the US has clearly only made the F-22 Raptor only for the US Air Force.

Quoted from Defense Industry Daily, for Israel, the capability of the F-35 is related to progress in its testing and integration schedule, which has slumped very badly over the past 5 years.

The F-35A Block 3, due to be fielded in 2018, will arrive with a weapons set that barely distinguishes it from the F-22, and is far inferior to the array already carried by existing fighters. Long-term, the F-35's capabilities are also linked to another variable: Israel's ability to adapt it, as the IAF has done with its F-15 and F-16 fleet.

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