Besides Jin Class and Song Class, Shang Class Submarine Is China's Deadly Underwater Combat Force

Besides Jin Class and Song Class, Shang Class Submarine Is China's Deadly Underwater Combat Force

International Military - Jin class is a Chinese submarine that has SLBM capability. From its SLBM capability, the Jin class submarine is capable of carrying cruise missiles. Not only cruise missiles, but nuclear warhead cruise missiles can be carried by the Jin class.

Quoted from, the Jin class submarine is capable of carrying 12 JL-2 type missiles. From the JL-2 on the Jin class submarine, the missile's range can reach a medium range. But from the pounding power of the Jin-class submarine, there are other well-known Chinese defense equipment. Moreover, China's defense equipment is labeled a nuclear submarine which is quite deadly.

It is known that the Chinese submarine is a Shang class labeled nuclear submarine. In addition, there is information if it is claimed to be more sophisticated than western submarines. "The Type 093 class represents a major step forward in China's underwater warfare capabilities, but is not as capable or sophisticated as the latest Western attack submarines," explained

With this explanation, it could be that the Shang class submarine is the most sophisticated. Moreover, the Shang class has the ability to attack with several strategic weapons. Such as torpedo weapons, land attack cruise missiles, to SLCM anti-ship missiles are in the Shang class.

However, information on the Shang class is still minimal and clearly obtained. Because China itself is still keeping some important features in the Shang class. But what is known from the Shang class is that the main weapon system is relatively new. It was clarified that the first Shang class had served in 2007.

And so far, there are 5 units of Shang class, all of which are already operating. Plus if the latest Shang class was inaugurated in 2017. This means that the age of the newest Shang class is still 5 years old.

It should be realized that the Shang class was launched to replace the role of the Han class. Because the Han class itself is quite old and the right replacement is a Shang class submarine. For this reason, the Shang class has a fairly well-known superior class specification.

One of the advantages of the Shang class is its profound forever power. It is known that the Shang class can dive to a depth of 400 meters. From that depth, it is clear that the speed of the Shang class is difficult to know. Especially for surface ships and maritime aircraft hunting for the Shang class.

Not to mention that the Shang class also has stealth features that are difficult to detect. As a result, the Shang class is quite deadly in hunting several targets. Such as surface ships and submarines can be finished off by the Shang class.

There are also claims that the detection power of the Shang class is sharper than the previous version. Especially in Shang class's active and passive modes in detecting targets. For this reason, the Shang class is able to operate in 2 types of oceans. Starting from the deep sea and shallow sea can be run by the Shang class.

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