China Is Wary, Indian Air Force Rafale And Su-30MKI Have The Same Technology

China Is Wary, Indian Air Force Rafale And Su-30MKI Have The Same Technology
Indian Rafale and Su-30MKI

International Military - The Indian Air Force is one of the largest fighting forces in the Asian region. With its considerable strength, the Indian Air Force competitors are also very dangerous. Quoted from, the largest Indian Air Force competitors today are China and Pakistan. As a result, with the Indian Air Force competitor, New Delhi has 2 very well-known fighter jets.

The 2 Indian Air Force fighter jets are the Su-30MKI and Rafale which are currently still on active duty. And please also note that the Su-30MKI and the Indian Rafale have high firepower. Not only high firepower, but the Rafale has one similarity with the Su-30MKI. The similarity between the Rafale and the Su-30MKI is not from the engine that carries the twin engine.

And not the Rafale and Su-30MKI melee weapons that use 30 mm caliber bullets. But one of the exact similarities between the Rafale and the Su-30MKI is the aerial refueling system.

Quoting from, the Rafale aerial refueling system uses a drogue probe. But the aerial refueling probe drogue, the Rafale could not close and remained outside.

Meanwhile, the Su-30MKI also uses an aerial refueling probe drogue system. However, the Su-30MKI aerial refueling probe drogue system can be opened and closed. And the conclusion is that the Rafale and Su-30MKI both use the aerial refueling probe drogue system as their flagship.

But for the Rafale F3R itself, it seems that it is more superior than the Su-30MKI. Because the Rafale F3R has several rows of advanced quality technology and is quite capable. One of the advanced and quite capable qualities in the Rafale F3R is the SPECTRA system.

Citing, SPECTRA Rafale can launch an electronic wave attack. With this ability, the Rafale can provide air and surface attacks. Not only launching attacks, but SPECTRA can ward off or counter. Especially against electronic attacks aimed at Rafale. For this reason, SPECTRA's role has quite sophisticated dual capabilities.

With this advanced capability, it is no wonder that SPECTRA has been relied on. Especially some Rafale user countries such as France, India, Qatar, Egypt and Greece. In addition, the manufacture of SPECTRA itself is carried out by the MBDA company. As a result, the creation of SPECTRA is also in collaboration with the Thales Group. With this, SPECTRA is only devoted to the Rafale fighter jet.

In addition, SPECTRA has also been integrated with several advanced components. Like the RBE2 AA and Optronique Secteur Frontal radars that are inside the Rafale. Therefore the SPECTRA technology system can automatically activate RWR. The RWR Rafale can be active if the Rafale is in a state of aiming or being fired by missiles.

Quoting from, SPECTRA Rafale itself can perform remote detection. Especially in the identification and localization of threats leading to the Rafale. It is also known that SPECTRA has electronic intelligence intelligence technology. The SPECTRA Rafale technology is also linked to the Electronic warfare suite.

In addition, SPECTRA can help pilots to take the next step. For this reason SPECTRA Rafale is useful in defending the Rafale from several threats. Therefore the SPECTRA Rafale technology system is also combined with a radar jammer.

Not only radar jammers but infrared laser detection and chaff dispensing are on the Rafale. For the SPECTRA technology sensors themselves are placed at various angles of the Rafale which can protect 360 degrees. With the combination of the SPECTRA technology system, the Rafale is one of the most advanced MRCAs. With this sophistication, it can make China wary.

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