Conquest Of 20 Countries, KARGU Drone From Turkey That Destroys Enemies In Instant

Conquest Of 20 Countries, KARGU Drone From Turkey That Destroys Enemies In Instant
Turkish made drone kargu uav detects and destroys the enemy with smart algorithm

International  Military - The KARGU drone is a rotary wing attack drone loitering ammunition system designed and manufactured by STM Defense Technologies Engineering. Operated by the Turkish Armed Forces, these drones allow the army to detect and destroy targets in the region without human intervention.

KARGU drones were presented at the Defense & Security 2019 exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand, along with drones and other STM products in October 2019. In June 2020, STM started preparations to deliver more than 500 KARGU drones over a period and are intended for use by troops Turkish security.

According to Airforce Technology, the KARGU attack drone system contains a rotary-wing combat unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), ground control unit and UAV reloading station components. The 7kg drone measures 600mm in length, 600mm in width and 430mm in height.

The KARGU drone is equipped with native national embedded hardware and software, 10x optical zoom, artificial intelligence (AI), two-axis stabilized native pod and an easy-to-use ground control unit interface. Kargu can be used against static or moving targets via built-in real-time image processing capabilities developed in-house as well as high-performance navigation and control based on machine learning algorithms. It can also be operated by a soldier in autonomous as well as manual mode. This drone has many features that make it look very, very sophisticated.

Reporting from Bulgarian Military, it is known that there are already 20 countries that want this KARGU drone. Ozgur Guleruz, general manager of the Turkish company STM, spoke to reporters in the Azerbaijani capital Baku.

The company he manages is currently being asked by 20 countries to buy the KARGU Rotary Wing Strike UAV. “The negotiations on the sale of KARGU are continuing with more than 20 countries. This is very likely to happen.

Today, every military environment shows that the need for UAVs will increase," Guleruz told reporters, adding that the company is currently developing various versions of the drone. “We have integrated the RF search engine developed by STM into KARGU.

We are working on KARGU armored ammunition, we hope they will be finished soon and we will start testing them.” Guleruz confirmed to reporters that the company had exported some products to Asia [Azerbaijan] and South America [Peru]. So, it is possible that KARGU will later spread to all corners of the world, including Europe.

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