The Sinking Of The Cruiser Moscow Is Russia's Biggest Loss Since The 1940s World War Era

The Sinking Of The Cruiser Moscow Is Russia's Biggest Loss Since The 1940s World War Era
Slava Class Moscow /Military Watch Magazine

International Military - Russia continues to intensify its missile attacks against Ukraine. This happened at the same time that Ukraine managed to destroy the Russian missile cruiser Moskva in the black sea. Not only that, Ukraine is also considered to have carried out missile attacks on Russian territory using Mi-8 helicopters.

Russia's Defense Ministry has warned it will intensify air strikes on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, in retaliation for attacks on Russian soil. In this regard, local Russian media citing the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the S-400 air defense system shot down one of the two Mi-8 helicopters involved in the attack.

A statement from the Ministry of Defense stated that the helicopter was shot down about 30 kilometers into Ukraine in the Chernihiv Region. “In the Chernihiv region, the S-400 complex of the Russian Armed Forces shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter, which attacked a settlement in the Bryansk region.

The helicopter returned to base after striking a residential building in the village of Klimovo," the statement read. Intelligence agencies have previously suggested that Russia will carry out aggressive attacks in eastern Ukraine.

However, after the Ukrainian attack on the Russian cruiser, the situation became much worse than expected.

The sinking of the ship was one of the biggest losses to the Russian Navy since the 1940s. This cruiser was the oldest in its class 40 years ago in 1982.

However, like many ships inherited from the Soviet era and surviving the severe neglect of the 1990s, the Moskva is far from pristine condition. As is well known, today's Russian cruisers and destroyers all date back to the Soviet era. This is because the Navy no longer builds such ships.

Instead, he focused on frigates and lighter corvette-sized vessels. In this regard, the Moskva is heavily armed with guns, melee weapons systems, torpedoes, large P-1000 cruise missiles, and several sets of surface-to-air missiles.

This ship is then vulnerable to explosion when it receives a relatively small attack through a chain reaction. Not only that, it even has the potential to explode due to a fire or other accident in it.

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