Is a Used Aircraft Carrier! But There Is A Unique Quality In The Carrier NAM Atlantico Marinha Do Brasil

Is a Used Aircraft Carrier! But There Is A Unique Quality In The Carrier NAM Atlantico Marinha Do Brasil
NAM Atlantico helis

International Military - NAM Atlantico (A140) is the aircraft carrier Marinha do Brasil (Brazilian Navy) which is known for its complete line of defense equipment. From the complete defense equipment, NAM Atlantico can undergo a series of sea-based tactical operations.

Quoted from, that NAM Atlantico can undergo large-scale amphibious landing operations. Apart from amphibious landing operations, long-term tactical support operations can be undertaken by NAM Atlantico.

Therefore, it is not surprising that NAM Atlantico can also undergo medical surgery (ship hospital). Meanwhile, the mission of supplying logistics from the sea and humanitarian disaster response missions can be carried out by the Brazilian Navy's Atlantico NAM.

It should be noted that there is one thing unique qualities found in NAM Atlantico that are rarely known. If one of the unique things that are rarely known at the NAM Atlantico is its enormous weight.

It is known that the NAM Atlantico weighs around 21,578 tons and makes it the largest aircraft carrier in South America. Plus the length of the NAM Atlantico is about 203.43 and makes it capable of loading multiple helicopters.

Please note that helicopters that can be accommodated on the NAM Atlantico deck can reach 7-8. As for the capacity of NAM Atlantico, it can carry 18 helicopters in one transport. Then for the number of personnel of the NAM Atlantico crew is 465 people. From a crew of 465 people, the marines that NAM Atlantico can carry can reach 830 people.

In addition, the NAM Atlantico's carrying capacity for APC vehicles alone can carry 40 vehicles. As for the LCVP capacity, it can carry 4 landing craft. Then for weapons, NAM Atlantico is equipped with several heavyweight CIWS weapons. One of them is the DS30M Mk2 which has 4 units of 30 mm bullets.

Please note that the width of the NAM Atlantico is about 35 meters and makes the hangar facilities quite spacious. So do not be surprised if the NAM Atlantico has a range of 8,000 miles (12,874 km). Apart from the long cruising range, the NAM Atlantico also has a maximum speed of around 33 km/h. Then for the cruising speed of NAM Atlantico is only about 19 km / h and makes it superior.

In addition, historically the NAM Atlantico was built in England for service with the British Royal Navy. Previously while still operating in the British Navy NAM Atlantico was still named HMS Ocean. HMS Ocean or NAM Atlantico is indeed a carrier-based helicopter landing platform. And the first term of service of NAM Atlantico was commissioned on September 30, 1998 as HMS Ocean.

As a result HMS Ocean served until it was decommissioned on 27 March 2018. Then HMS Ocean or NAM Atlantico was assigned to service with Brazil the following June. On 12 November 2020, Atlantico changed its name to the multipurpose aircraft carrier NAM from the multipurpose aircraft carrier.

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