India Is Working On The Fast LCA Tejas, It Turns Out That This Russian Fighter Jet Is The Problem In The Air Force

India Is Working On The Fast LCA Tejas, It Turns Out That This Russian Fighter Jet Is The Problem In The Air Force
Indian Tejas LCA maneuver

International Military - The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas is the most discussed fighter jet. Because the LCA Tejas itself is a fighter jet that has a row of cutting-edge and capable technology. And one of the capable technologies in the LCA Tejas fighter jet is its long-range air-to-air missile.

Reporting from eurasiantimes, the LCA Tejas fighter jet has a long-range air-to-air missile called the Astra. It should be noted that the Astra Asku missile is made in India. Moreover, the Astra missile has been tested to be effective and successful at the senior LCA Tejas, namely the Su-30MKI. Therefore the LCA Tejas fighter jet also has other advantages that must be known.

It is known that one of the advantages of the LCA Tejas fighter jet is that the model is quite different. Quoted from defenseview, the LCA Tejas model is a single-engine light fighter aircraft that carries a delta wing.

By carrying a single engine and delta wing, the LCA Tejas is included in a multirole fighter jet. From its class that carries multirole, the mission capabilities carried by LCA Tejas are very many. Starting from air to air attacks, air to ground to air to surface attacks can be carried out by LCA Tejas.

In its history that the Indian Tejas LCA was designed by the Aviation Development Agency (ADA). As for the LCA collaboration, Tejas collaborated with the Aircraft Research and Design Center (ARDC) from HAL. As a result of this collaboration, the LCA Tejas became an original fighter jet made in India. Therefore the Tejas LCA is dedicated to the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.

It is known that the LCA Tejas program began in the 1980s to replace India's MiG-21 fighter. Which means the LCA Tejas is devoted to replacing Russian fighter jets such as the aging MiG-21. Later LCA Tejas became part of India's fleet modernization program. And what makes India very lucky is that it is not dependent on LCA Tejas India for foreign technology.

Because with the success of India's Tejas LCA, dependence on imports can be reduced. And until now it is known that India has activated two squadrons of LCA Tejas fighter. Therefore India will be looking to get 4 more squadrons for LCA Tejas in the next few years. With the rapid pace of India's project for the LCA Tejas, the role of the old Russian fighter jet can be replaced.

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