China Makes US Angry, UAE Is Ready To Buy Beijing-Made L-15 Light Fighter Jets

China Makes US Angry, UAE Is Ready To Buy Beijing-Made L-15 Light Fighter Jets
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International Military - China's relations with the United Arab Emirates or UAE are getting closer. China has successfully forged a strategic and mutually beneficial partnership with the UAE. China's close relationship with the UAE shows that Beijing is very serious in exploring relations with Middle Eastern countries.

The close relationship between China and the UAE can be seen in cooperation in the defense sector. The UAE is reportedly ready to buy dozens of Chinese-made L-15 light-class fighter jets. International media reported that the UAE and China were only a few steps away from agreeing on the procurement of the L-15 light fighter jet.

One of them was shared by Defense Security Asia, which stated that the UAE Ministry of Defense had agreed in principle to buy 12 L-15 light fighter jets. In fact, it is possible that in the future the UAE will add more L-15 light fighter jets made in China.

This clearly shows that this strategic partnership between the UAE and China will last a long time. "The UAE is expected to increase its holdings to 36 L-15 aircraft in the future." wrote Defense Security Asia. China and the UAE are reportedly in the final stages before signing a deal for the procurement of the L-15 light fighter jet.

"We are in the final stages of talks with China. The final contract will be signed by both sides in the near future," said Tareq Al Hosani, chief executive of the Tawazun Economic Council.

The reason the UAE bought the L-15 light fighter jet made in China was because it was tempted by its advanced technology. The existence of an agreement between the UAE and China regarding the L-15 light fighter jet can certainly worsen Abu Dhabi's relations with Washington. "actions that will stretch back long-standing relations with the United States." Malaysian media explained.

Moreover, the procurement of F-35 fighter jets between the US and the UAE was recently reportedly suspended.

The suspension of the presence of F-35 fighter jets to the UAE managed to strain relations between the two countries. Now coupled with the UAE increasingly sticking with China and ready to buy the L-15. The UAE's proposed purchase of FLIT/LCA aircraft from China is expected to worsen relations between the UAE and the United States after Washington acted to delay the sale of its fifth-generation F-35 aircraft to the wealthy Gulf nation. he added.

President Jo Biden's administration has acted to delay the sale of the fifth-generation F-35 aircraft to the UAE. The postponement of the sale of F-35 fighter jets to the UAE follows the Gulf state's move to forge closer commercial ties with Chinese telecommunications infrastructure provider Huawei through 5G technology.

The UAE does not seem bothered by the delay in procuring the US-made F-35 fighter jets. Even Abu Dhabi immediately stepped on the gas by buying 80 units of Rafale fighter jets from France. The UAE's procurement of Rafale fighter jets even broke the record for Dassault. The reason is, the UAE is the foreign party that has bought the most Rafale fighter jets to date.

The UAE is said to be looking to buy Chinese-made L-15 fighter jets from the China National Aero-Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC). It is estimated that the UAE will have to disburse funds to be able to buy the L-15, which is around 10 to 15 million US dollars per unit.

If the UAE buys 12 L-15 light fighter jets, it can be said that Abu Dhabi has spent around 120-180 million US dollars to be able to get a dozen of these L-15s. China has benefited from the rift in relations between the US and the UAE.

It should be noted that for the export market, this aircraft is known as the L-15 but in China it is known as the JL-10. Apart from being used by the Chinese Air Force, L-15 aircraft are also used by the Zambian Air Force with CATIC also seeking to sell FLIT/LCA aircraft to other parties. According to reports, Argentina and Venezuela which are facing economic sanctions including from the United States have shown interest in acquiring the L-15 aircraft.

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