Russian Military Vehicles Have The Symbolic 'Z' On The Side, What Does That Symbol Mean?


Russian Military Vehicles Have The Symbolic 'Z' On The Side, What Does That Symbol Mean?
Russian military vehicle that has the letter "Z" on the side /Twitter @kamilkazani

International Military - Currently, the war between Ukraine and Russia is still raging. It had been four weeks since the war had begun, but things were looking increasingly dire. It is known that the Russian Su-34 also carried out a surprise attack against Ukraine.

Quoted from Defense World, they destroyed military facilities and military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, practical bombing of identified ground targets was carried out singly from medium altitude.

Following this incident, the MiG Corporation held a rally in support of Russia's “special military operations” in Ukraine. In this case, the company mentions that something symbolic is going on.

"About 50 people, declaring their civil positions, lined up in a symbolic letter Z in front of the factory's main entrance building," the company said.

Not only that, Russian military vehicles that took part in the war also have a "Z" mark on their side. Russian tanks, artillery and trucks deployed to Ukraine feature mysterious 'Z'-like markings painted on the sides, either on their own or enclosed by white triangles, squares or circles.

Other symbols such as a white triangle with two stripes on either side, a red triangle, a white circle, a white triangle, and a white slash are also visible on some vehicles.

The symbol "Z" has its own meaning. According to Colleague Galina Starovoitova Kamil Galeev, "Z" is a letter that the Russian Military puts on their vehicles leaving for Ukraine. "Some people interpret "Z" as "Za pobedy" (for victory). Others - as "Zapad" (West)," the scholar said on Twitter.

"This symbol was discovered only a few days ago to become a symbol of Russia's new ideology and national identity," he added. Other observers say that these markings act as a signal to fellow Russians to identify their own vehicles in a war zone and avoid friendly fire. Last month, Professor Michael Clarke, former director of the defense think tank RUSI, told Sky News that these symbols communicate the location of a unit or vehicle.

The "Z" symbol was first seen on February 22 when a Russian vehicle entered the Donetsk region.

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