Different from the aid of other countries, here are the aids that New Zealand sent to Ukraine


Different from the aid of other countries, here are the aids that New Zealand sent to Ukraine
Troops from the 43rd Division of the Air Defense Squadron are picking up ammunition, weapons and other war equipment to be sent to Ukraine. (U.S. Air Force/Mauricio Campino/Handout via REUTERS)

International Military - It is reported today that New Zealand has provided assistance to Ukraine. Which is known at this time that Ukraine has been in conflict with Russia since last February. Quoted from nzherald, this assistance is an answer to a call from Ukraine asking for help. In this regard, the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern said that they would not send aid in the form of weapons to Ukraine.

However, in this case, Indonesia's neighbor will provide assistance in the form of 1,066 body armor, 473 helmets, 571 vests, and also woven harnesses.

Not only that, Ardern also said that New Zealand would provide funds of $5 million or around 49 billion for Ukraine. It is known that these funds will be used for fuel, military rations, communications and first aid equipment for the military.

Although different from the assistance provided by other countries to Ukraine, Ardern explained that this was a joint decision. In this he explained that the assistance would be a significant departure from New Zealand's usual practice.

Regarding arms shipments, Ardern explained that her party had not yet made a decision in this regard. "We have not made a decision to add other forms of support," he said.

But in this case he also emphasized that the decision would certainly be subject to change. Until now it is known that New Zealand has provided some assistance to Ukraine which is experiencing conflict.

As before they have provided humanitarian funding assistance, such as helping for the Red Cross. Not only that, he also explained that the decision regarding the sending of this financial aid had just been made by New Zealand.

It is known that these shipments were sent to third party organizations, for this kind of non-lethal military assistance. "This is not a decision we take lightly, but we consider what is happening in Ukraine to be a massive disruption of the rules-based order," he said.

The total aid provided by New Zealand to Ukraine was NZ$11 million or an estimated Rp11 billion. In addition to providing this assistance, it turns out that New Zealand has also imposed sanctions on Russia for the invasion.

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