Russia Refuses To Supply Gas To Europe, Moscow Currency Becomes a Condition


Russia Refuses To Supply Gas To Europe, Moscow Currency Becomes a Condition

International Military - The long aftermath of a series of attacks by Russia on Ukraine is still ongoing. It was previously known that Russia had invaded Ukraine since February 24. The Russian attack on Ukraine caused international turmoil.

The US and Western countries have condemned Russia's actions. Even the US and a number of Western countries have imposed sanctions on Russia. Russia itself reportedly stopped supplying gas to Europe.

Recently, the Russian spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, explicitly discussed the issue of Russian gas. Moscow is said to be reluctant to supply gas to Europe if it does not meet Russian conditions. Russia can return to supplying gas to Europe on the condition that the ruble is used.

Russia wants the sale and purchase of gas to be carried out using the Russian ruble. "We will not supply gas for free, this is clear," Dmitry Peskov told a virtual press conference. "In our situation, it is almost impossible and appropriate to engage in charity (with European customers)," he said.

Reuters said Dmitry Peskov added that Russia would make the decision if European countries refused to pay in rubles. Members of the G7 (group of seven) countries then did not accept the demand for payment through the Russian Ruble.

Even the German Economy Minister, Robert Habeck gave a firm statement regarding payments using the ruble. He said that what Russia was asking for was a breach of contract. "All G7 ministers have agreed that this is a unilateral and clear violation of existing contracts," he told reporters after a virtual conference with G7 energy ministers.

He also said that the G7 ministers underlined that the contracts made were valid and had to be respected. "Payments in rubles are unacceptable, and we ask the relevant companies not to comply with Putin's request," he said.

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