Donald Trump: Deploy F-22 Using Chinese Flag


Donald Trump: Deploy F-22 Using Chinese Flag
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International Military - Russia's military aggression since February 24 has invited many assessments from various countries around the world. Best to be two camps, supporters and critics. It is clear here who criticizes Putin's actions against his neighboring country. The US, NATO and their allies have carried out "attacks" until now. The attacks here did not take part in the fighting, but took the form of logistical assistance and the like to impose global economic sanctions on the Kremlin.

President Joe Biden has made a very clear statement on this: the US and NATO will not go to war against Russia, reports the EurAsian Times. The EurAsian Times added that the US refused to send MiG-29 fighter jets from Poland and Ukraine's request to impose a no-fly zone in its airspace.

The US has so far avoided direct contact with Russia which could be considered an aggression by President Putin and lead to a large-scale war. Although the US has equipped Ukrainian forces with anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles such as Javelins and Stingers and has sent more than a billion dollars in aid to the country.

For Biden as simple as this, “arming Kyiv with fighter jets or heavy bombers may have catastrophic consequences. A direct confrontation between NATO and Russia will result in World War III,” Biden said on Twitter.

Donald Trump and the nuclear submarine

Former US President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested sending nuclear submarines to Russia. This was prompted when Russia announced it had used hypersonic missiles to destroy an arms depot in Ukraine, March 21, 2022.

Therefore, Trump advised Washington to pressure President Vladimir Putin by sending a nuclear submarine, according to the EurAsian Times. President Putin has placed nuclear deterrence forces on high alert since February 27 in reaction to "illegitimate Western sanctions".

In fact, Russia has threatened to use nuclear weapons if neither NATO nor the US intervened in the war. In addition, the US has 68 submarines still in service and 14 of them are equipped with nuclear ballistic missiles.

Russia has 11 submarines capable of launching nuclear missiles. Donald Trump has significantly increased the budget for US nuclear weapons during his presidency.

Trump's advice against Russia

This is the second time Trump has spoken about the Russia-Ukraine war. He recently suggested a "unique" tactic, deploying the F-22 Raptor into a battle zone there. “Deploy the F-22 Raptor and mount it with the Chinese flag. The US can use Beijing in this battle," Trump said at a meeting of the Republican National Committee in New Orleans on the EurAsian Times website.

The former US president suggested America should blame China for the "dirty attack", and then watch the two countries go to war with each other. As many people know, Russia and China are the biggest enemies of the US, the two countries have long established good relations with each other.

But, of course, Trump's idea was just sarcasm, as evidenced by the laughter of the audience at the meeting at that time. Trump has previously described Putin as smart and intelligent. But sadly, Trump's idea (a nuclear submarine) was not taken up by high-ranking US officials and still does not want to interfere in the war.

Because until now, the US has not really sent its "power" to Ukraine. President Zelensky called NATO a coward. In fact, Zelensky has lost interest in joining NATO membership.

Neither the US nor NATO clearly have any desire to fight Russia, militarily. And this may not change in the future.

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