Pakistani S-139 Submarine Torpedo, One Shot Can Sink Frigate Warship

Pakistani S-139 Submarine Torpedo, One Shot Can Sink Frigate Warship
Conducting live-fire exercises using live ordnance and actual ships enhances realism and the effectiveness of training. Three decommissioned U.S. Navy ships were used as targets and sunk during the RIMPAC 2012 exercises in the Hawaiian operating area.

International Military - Pakistan is one of the countries with a capable military strength. Pakistan's defense equipment is also quite great and capable. Not surprisingly, Pakistan, which is neighboring India, is often at odds. So having sophisticated and modern defense equipment seems to be a must for Pakistan and India.

Not long ago, quoted from the Eurasian Times Pakistan has received a new fighter jet. Good friends with China, made Pakistan get the export version of the J-10 fighter jet. With the J-10 fighter jet, the Pakistan Air Force certainly gets an injection of new strength. Moreover, its eternal enemy, India, has fighter jets which are currently on the rise.

The Indian Air Force is known to have French-made Rafale fighter jets. Therefore, the existence of the J-10 is touted as a challenger to the existence of the Rafale in India. Not only does it have a reliable J-10 fighter jet, it turns out that Pakistan also has various other great defense equipment.

No wonder Pakistan is one of the countries with extraordinary fighting power. Pakistan's other defense equipment is the S-139 submarine which operates under the country's Navy.

The S-139 submarine itself belongs to the Agosta 90B PNS/M HAMZA class which was upgraded by Turkey's STM. The ability of the Pakistani S-139 submarine is unquestionable. To prove it, not long ago, Pakistan conducted an exercise involving its S-139 submarine.

In an attempt at a tactical exercise involving the Pakistani S-139 submarine, it was discovered that it had to launch its own topedo. Not just launching, Pakistan's S-139 submarine torpedo must hit the target.

Reporting from the Bulgarian Military, this time the target of the Pakistani S-139 submarine was a frigate. And Pakistan's S-139 submarine torpedo had to hit the frigate.

The torpedo belonging to the Pakistani submarine S-139 reportedly managed to destroy the frigate in one shot. “The Agosta 90B PNS/M HAMZA [S-139] class submarine managed to hit and sink the decommissioned frigate with one torpedo shot,” wrote Bulgarian Military, March 19, 2022.

The success of Pakistan's S-139 submarine torpedo in destroying the frigate took place in the SEASPARK-2022 tactical exercise. The exercise is held two years after the command of the Pakistan Navy and is held between 17 February and 13 March 2022.

The torpedo used by the Pakistani S-139 submarine in destroying the frigate was the DM-2A4 model. Pakistan's S-139 submarine, equipped with Turkish engineering solutions from STM, destroys the Tariq class frigate Type 21.

The destroyer of the frigate was carried out by the S-139 submarine with just one torpedo shot. “The military delegation invited to the demonstration took part in the exercise from the Pakistan marine supply tanker PNS Moawin, which was designed and built by STM and delivered in 2018.”

It is known that the PNS Hamzah submarine was designed and built by KSEW Ltd. The submarine is built under a technology transfer agreement with France in 1994.

The S-139 submarine torpedo capable of destroying the frigate is certainly extraordinary. This shows that Pakistan is indeed a country with a very strong military.

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