US Bans Sales, Russia Continues To Use Israeli-Made Forpost Drones in Ukraine


US Bans Sales, Russia Continues To Use Israeli-Made Forpost Drones in Ukraine
A rebel fighter inspects what purportedly are the remains of a drone that was shot down by Israel the day before, in a field near Barqah on July 12, 2018. Photo: Ahmad al-Msalam/AFP/Getty Images

International Military - It is known that Russia is currently using Israeli-made drones to carry out attacks on Ukraine. It is known that the drone is called the Forpost-R which is rumored to have been opposed by the United States.

Quoted from the EurAsian Times page, some time ago the Russian Ministry of Defense uploaded a video. In the video, it can be seen that they show an armed Forpor-R drone off a runway.

However, until now, the runway where the Forpost drone was released is still a secret or not yet known. In fact, after the drone was launched, it was seen that it destroyed Ukraine's multiple launch rocket system (MLRS).

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It should be noted that, Forpost is a reconnaissance UAV built by the Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA). Russia has obtained its license since 2015 under the Israeli Searcher Mk II UAV drone license.

It is known from information obtained from the Times of Israel, that the Israeli Searcher is considered a relatively old model, this is because this drone has been developed since the 1980s.

But reportedly after the conflict between the West and Russia worsened, Israel decided to stop shipping in 2016. The stoppage of shipments to Russia was done because Israel had surrendered to pressure from the United States to ban its sales.

Ultimately, this decision led Russia to launch the Indigenization program Forsport, with the development of attack variants taking priority. So in 2020, Russia claims that the testing phase of the Forpost-R has ended and the UAV will enter service in 2020.

In a video that is currently circulating on various social media, this drone has wreaked havoc on Ukrainian troops. Not only that, this problem will also be felt by the Ukrainian army in the field of their combat equipment.

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