Compete with J-20 Mighty Dragon, India Develops AMCA as Fifth Generation Fighter Jet


Compete with J-20 Mighty Dragon, India Develops AMCA as Fifth Generation Fighter Jet
AMCA model displayed at Aero India

International Military - Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) is the name of a stealth fighter jet project that will be developed by India. The fighter will be a single-seat all-weather stealth fighter with twin turbofan engines.

In addition, this aircraft will also carry out various military operations. These include air superiority, ground attack, suppression of enemy air defenses, and electronic warfare.

Reporting from the Eurasian Times, there are some similarities with the AMCA that will be built with the J-20. Some time ago China was also reported to be working on a two-seat variant of the J-20.

AMCA is designed for super-cruise capability and reduced radar cross-section. Meanwhile, the two features that AMCA wants to include are already in the J-20 Mighty Dragon.

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The 20-ton AMCA fighter will be able to carry one and a half tons of ordnance in the internal weapons bay in stealth mode. The non-stealth mode variants will carry weapons, targeting and observation pods, as well as fuel tanks on external pylons under the wings and fuselage.

Indian media reported that the AMCA could be equipped with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs). This is the same as China's J-20 which is believed to get DEW. The AMCA avionics suite will consist of modern radar and electronic warfare capabilities with “sixth generation characteristics.”

The aircraft will have a very low radar cross-section for better stealth, as well as AI-based technology and an improved cockpit display with a touchscreen interface. All of these specifications are expected to put the aircraft on par with the J-20. According to reports, AMCA will also incorporate a thrust-vectoring engine.

The J-20 is also in the process of upgrading the WS-10 engine with thrust vectoring technology. Meanwhile, the WS-15 already has this technology which aims to achieve better maneuverability.

With that said, it can be concluded that both China's J-20 and India's AMCA have air superiority as their main objective.

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