Replace The Black Hawk, Defiant Helicopter Claimed To Be The Fastest And Strongest Assault Helicopter In The World

Replace the Black Hawk, Defiant Helicopter Claimed to be the Fastest and Strongest Assault Helicopter in the World
Defiant X Helicopter Sights.

International Military - Replace Black Hawk, Defiant Helicopter Claimed To Be The Fastest and Strongest Assault Helicopter. The might and toughness of the US mainstay helicopter, the Black Hawk will soon be replaced by the presence of a new, faster and more powerful transport helicopter. Three giant air defense equipment manufacturers from the US, Sikorsky, Boeing and Lockheed Martin are working together to manufacture the Defiant helicopter.

This helicopter is said to be the fastest and most powerful military transport helicopter capable of replacing the Black Hawk in 2030. The US Army or US Army has so far been very dependent on the strength of the Black Hawk helicopter.

Lockheed Martin (owner of Sikorsky) has also released a video of Defiant testing it out. The Defiant helicopter prototype was first launched in 2019.

During trials, the Defiant helicopter's flight speed reached 426 km per hour, while the Black Hawk helicopter only stuck at a speed of 357 per hour.

Quoted from Autoevolution, the Defiant Helicopter carried out trials at the end of January 2022 by flying in a zig-zag carrying an external load of 1.5 tons. With such a large payload, the Defiant helicopter is still capable of traveling at speeds of up to 185 km per hour.

For its maneuverability, the Defiant helicopter was tested with the ability to fly up at an angle of 20 degrees and fully carry external loads. "That's half of the aircraft's claimed capability. The aircraft is capable of lifting 2.4 tons of external loads and flying at a speed of 454 km per hour," wrote the Autoevolution media.

With these test results, the Defiant helicopter is the fastest attack helicopter in the world and history. In terms of design, the Defiant helicopter has a slightly different shape from other helicopters.

Sikorsky and Boeing designed this helicopter through the Future Long-Rangle Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) program with coaxial propellers. The propeller that rotates in the opposite direction is very good for the balance of the helicopter, more powerful and faster.

To increase speed, the rear of the propeller is vertical and can be used as a pusher propeller.

Honeywell is also rumored to be soon supplying new engines for the Defiant helicopter. Apparently, the manufacturers still hope the Defiant helicopter can fly faster.

It is not yet known whether the Defiant helicopter will be launched in several variants such as the Black Hawk.

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