Considered Better, China Offers FC-31 Fighter Jets Than US F-35 Stealth Fighter


Considered Better, China Offers FC-31 Fighter Jets Than US F-35 Stealth Fighter
China's FC-31 stealth fighter jet (below) is considered to be a copy of the United States' F-35 stealth fighter jet. Photo/Twitter @NavalInstitute

International Military - A large country like China is certainly capable of developing advanced fighter jets such as the FC-31 and J-20. The presence of the FC-31 and J-20 fighter jets is of course clear evidence that China is capable of developing its own stealth.

As a country that is often at odds with the US, China's success has made the FC-31 and J-20 a formidable opponent of Washington's F-22 and F-35.

Many countries which until now still cannot have stealth, can try with the Chinese FC-31. Quoted from Defense Security Asia, China is currently promoting its FC-31 fighter jet.

Quoted from The Manila Times, explaining that the weapons owned by the FC-31 are also the best. Quoted from, the FC-31 fighter jet turned out to have a tubular design with a length of 16.9 meters, a width of 11.5 meters and a height of 4.8 meters. The FC-31 fighter jet has a faceted design with clean lines. This seems to be because the FC-31 fighter jet has the use of radar reflection. Even the FC-31 fighter jet is an aircraft carrier-based fighter.

The China FC-31 is projected to be able to enter the international export market by creating a special office for its services. "… the Chinese government is eager to promote the FC-31 aircraft for the export market and has set up a special office with the aim of attracting potential foreign customers to acquire aircraft also named Gyrfalcon and J-21,".

The FC-31 itself is a stealth fighter jet developed by China after the J-20 Mighty Dragon. The FC-31 is a medium-sized, single-seat, two-engine, fifth-generation fighter jet with strong invisible capabilities and competitive costs.

China itself considers that the market for fifth-generation stealth is a strong competitor, namely the F-35 and Sukhoi Su-75. The FC-31 is also China's first stealth that can be exported abroad.

Because China's J-20 fighter jets are not produced for the export market. The FC-31 is a stand-alone venture by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation for the export market, although it will also be used by Chinese troops.

It was explained that the Chinese FC-31 fighter jet had several advantages as the fifth generation. The FC-31 has several advantages including the use of high technology, affordable prices, no political restrictions and thorough maintenance.

As a fifth generation fighter jet, the FC-31 is equipped with horizontal stabilizers to provide enhanced agility.

It was even reported that China in recent weeks had made the first flights of the FC-31 stealth fighter. In its flight trials, China's FC-31 fighter jet was said to have successfully passed and met the specified technical characteristics.

Thus, after the J-20, Beijing will start arming itself with a naval version, namely with the presence of the FC-31.

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