Joe Biden Warns Vladimir Putin of 'Heavy Cost' of Invasion of Ukraine


Joe Biden Warns Vladimir Putin of 'Heavy Cost' of Invasion of Ukraine
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MOSCOW - In a phone call with President Vladimir Putin on Saturday, President Joe Biden made clear that if Russia invades Ukraine, the U.S. and its abettors would respond “ decisively and put nippy and severe costs,"the White House said. 


 According to a readout of the hourlong call, Biden told Putin that an irruption would “ produce wide mortal suffering and dwindle Russia’s standing.” The U.S. remains married to tactfulness, but was “ inversely set for other scripts,” according to the White House. 

The two chairpersons spoke the day after Biden's public security counsel, Jake Sullivan, advised thatU.S. intelligence shows that a Russian irruption could begin within days and before the Winter Olympics in Beijing endFeb. 20. 


 The Biden administration has been advising for weeks that Russia could foray Ukraine soon, butU.S. officers had preliminarily said the Kremlin would probably stay until after the Games ended so as not to envenom China. 

Sullivan told journalists on Friday thatU.S. intelligence picked show that Russia could take military action the during the Olympics. Before talking to Biden, Putin had a telephone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, who met with him in Moscow before in the week to try to resolve the biggest security extremity between Russia and the West since the Cold War. A Kremlin summary of the call suggested that little progress was made toward cooling down the pressures. 


 The nearly watched call between Biden and Putin began shortly after 11a.m. and lasted just over an hour, according to the White House. Biden conducted the call from Camp David. 

In a sign that American officers were getting ready for a worst-case script, the United States blazoned plans to void its delegacy in the Ukrainian capital, and Britain joined other European nations in prompting its citizens to leave Ukraine. 


 Russia has concentrated well over colors near the Ukraine border and has transferred colors to exercises in bordering Belarus, but denies that it intends to launch an descent against Ukraine. The timing of any possible Russian military action remained a crucial question. 


 TheU.S. picked up intelligence that Russia is looking at Wednesday as a target date, according to aU.S. functionary familiar with the findings. The functionary, who wasn't authorized to speak intimately and did so only on condition of obscurity, would not say how definitive the intelligence was. The White House intimately underlined that theU.S. doesn't know with certainty whether Putin is committed to irruption. 

 Still,U.S. officers said again that Russia’s buildup of horsepower near Ukraine has reached the point where it could foray on short notice. 


 A Kremlin statement about the Putin-Macron call appertained to “ instigative enterprises about an allegedly planned Russian‘ irruption’of Ukraine.” Russia has constantly denied that it plans military action against its neighbor. 

Putin also complained in the call that the United States and NATO haven't responded satisfactorily to Russian demands that Ukraine be banned from joining the military alliance and that NATO pull back forces from Eastern Europe. 


 Biden has said theU.S. service won't enter a war in Ukraine, but he has promised severe profitable warrants against Moscow, in musicale with transnational abettors. 

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he told his Russian counterpart Saturday that “ further Russian aggression would be met with a resolute, massive and united trans-Atlantic response.” 


 Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy tried to project calm as he observed military exercises Saturday near Crimea, the promontory that Russia adjoined from Ukraine in 2014. 

"We aren't hysterical, we are without fear, all is under control,” he said. 


U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, also held telephone conversations on Saturday. 

U.K. colors that have been training the Ukrainian army also planned to leave the country. Germany, the Netherlands and Italy called on their citizens to leave as soon as possible. 


 A State Department trip advisory on Saturday said most American staff at the Kyiv delegacy have been ordered to leave and otherU.S. citizens should depart the country as well. 

 FartherU.S.- Russia pressures arose on Saturday when the Defense Ministry summoned theU.S. delegacy’s service attache after it said the cortege detected an American submarine in Russian waters near the Kuril Islets in the Pacific. The submarine declined orders to leave, but departed after the cortege used unidentified “ applicable means,” the ministry said. 


 Adding to the sense of extremity, the Pentagon ordered an freshU.S. colors to Poland to assure abettors. 

Biden’s public security counsel, Jake Sullivan, said Americans in Ukraine shouldn't anticipate theU.S. service to deliver them in the event that air and rail transportation is disassociated after a Russian irruption. 


 Several NATO abettors, including Britain, Canada, Norway and Denmark, also asked their citizens to leave Ukraine, as didnon-NATO supporter New Zealand. 

Sullivan said Russian military action could start with bullet and air attacks, followed by a ground descent. 


 “ Russia has all the forces it needs to conduct a major military action,” Sullivan said, adding that “ Russia could choose, in veritably short order, to commence a major military action against Ukraine.” He said the scale of such an irruption could range from a limited irruption to a strike on Kyiv, the capital. 

Russia scarfed at theU.S. talk of urgency. 


 “ The fever of the White House is more reflective than ever,” said Maria Zakharova, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman. “ The Anglo-Saxons need a war. At any cost. Provocations, misinformation and pitfalls are a favorite system of working their own problems.” 

Zakharova said her country had “ optimized” staffing at its own delegacy in Kyiv in response to enterprises about possible military conduct from the Ukrainian side. 


 In addition to the further than ground colors thatU.S. officers say Russia has assembled along Ukraine’s eastern and southern borders, the Russians have stationed bullet, air, nonmilitary and special operations forces, as well as inventories to sustain a war. This week, Russia moved six amphibious assault vessels into the Black Sea, accelerating its capability to land marines on the seacoast. 

Sullivan’s stark warning accelerated the projected time frame for a implicit irruption, which numerous judges had believed was doubtful until after the Winter Olympics in China end onFeb. 20. Sullivan said the combination of a farther Russian troop buildup on Ukraine’s borders and unidentified intelligence pointers have urged the administration to advise that war could begin any time. 


 “ We ca n’t pinpoint the day at this point, and we ca n’t pinpoint the hour, but that's a veritably, veritably distinct possibility,” Sullivan said. 

Biden has bolstered theU.S. military presence in Europe as consolation to abettors on NATO’s eastern hand. The fresh dogfaces ordered to Poland come on top of who are on their way there. TheU.S. Army also is shifting dogfaces from Germany to Romania, which like Poland shares a border with Ukraine. 


 Russia is demanding that the West keep former Soviet countries out of NATO. It also wants NATO to refrain from planting munitions near its border and to roll back alliance forces from Eastern Europe — demands flatly rejected by the West. 

Russia and Ukraine have been locked in a bitter conflict since 2014, when Ukraine’s Kremlin-friendly leader was driven from office by a popular insurrection. Moscow responded by adding the Crimean Peninsula and also backing a separatist insurrection in eastern Ukraine, where fighting has killed over people. 

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