Wary of Russian Invasion, Poland Prepares to accept Ukrainian Refugees


Wary of Russian Invasion, Poland Prepares to accept Ukrainian Refugees
U.S. troops of the 82nd Airborne Division recently deployed to Poland because of the Russia-Ukraine tensions are setting up camp at a military airport in Mielec, southeastern Poland, on Saturday, Feb. 12, 2022. (AP Photo/Beata Zawrzel)

WARSAW - Poland, the largest European Union country skirting Ukraine is making medications to accept Ukrainian deportees in the event of another Russian attack on the country. But the Polish government hopes the worst case script can be avoided. 


 Analogous medications are underway across the region, especially in countries skirting Ukraine. As other countries withdrew their politic operations in Ukraine, Poland said for now it was maintaining its politic operations if necessary to grease a large-scale Ukrainian exit. 

Poland, which has ate a large number of Ukrainian profitable settlers in recent times, especially after Russia's attack on Ukraine in 2014, has been making plans for weeks to take in deportees if that's the case, said Marcin Przydacz, a deputy foreign minister. 


 While Poland has a loyalanti-refugee image, that opposition is largely grounded on not wanting to accept numerous people from different religious and ethnical backgrounds. 

Ukrainians-who like Poles are Slavs with a common language and customs- have filled gaps in the labor request and have been largely ate in Poland in recent times. 


 Przydacz said in a radio interview on Monday that Poland hoped the situation in Ukraine would not escalate, but that the country was preparing for all eventualities, including the possibility of a large number of deportees. 

"In this worst-case script, we are not talking about hundreds or thousands, but a much larger number,"Przydacz said on Radio Plus. 


 He added that the Interior Ministry had been preparing" internal scripts, structure and plans"for weeks. 

The plan will include casing deportees in dormitories, dormitories, sports installations and other venues. 


 Original officers, including the mayor, have been asked to make reports on what installations they can give, according to Krzysztof KosiƄski, mayor of Ciechanow, a Polish megacity near the border with Ukraine, and clerk of the Polish Metropolises Association.. 

Ukraine, which borders Belarus to the north and Russia to the east, also borders European Union countries similar as Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, as well as thenon-EU state of Moldova. 


 Hungary's nationalist high minister, Viktor Orban, advised Saturday that Russia's irruption of Ukraine could shoot hundreds of thousands of rookie Ukrainian deportees across the border into his country. 

Meanwhile, Slovakia is also preparing to face a surge of deportees in the event of a conflict. The government has prepared a plan of what to do in such a script, but it's classified. 


" According to being studies and analysis, I can say that indeed a limited Russian military descent on Ukrainian home would mean knockouts of thousands of deportees crossing our borders," said Slovak Defense Minister Jaroslav Nad. 

Nad said those fleeing the war would admit exile status. 


"From the perspective of the European mainland, the current situation is the most dangerous since World War II," said Nad. 

Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan has offered to shoot police officers to help Slovakia in cases of such a conflict. 

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