US Troops in Ukraine Withdraw Amid Warnings Of Imminent Russian Invasion


US Troops in Ukraine Withdraw Amid Warnings Of Imminent Russian Invasion
Florida National Guardsmen train with Ukrainian troops. (Photo: Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine)

Floridar - US colors in Ukraine have withdrawn as US officers grow decreasingly concerned about an impending Russian irruption. As numerous as 160 Florida National Guard dogfaces, the only known US colors in the country, are being stationed away in Europe, Pentagon press clerk John Kirby said in a statement released Saturday morning. 


 The colors were assigned to the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, these colors were part of a preliminarily planned training charge with Ukrainian forces, operating substantially far from the country. left Ukraine, saying routine delegacy services, similar as passport backing, in Kyiv would be suspended on Sunday when crucial help were vacated. 

"There seems to be an adding liability of this situation leading to active conflict. there are limits to what we can do in a war zone,"a elderly State Department functionary told journalists. 


 Before, on Friday President Joe Biden ordered an fresh paratroopers from Fort Bragg, North Carolina to Poland. The colors, along with the original help mustered before this month, are anticipated to be ready within days. About US colors with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment, the Germany- grounded Stryker squadron, are being stationed to the Romanian border where Russian President Vladimir Putin has amassed about colors. US colors from different units have rotated to train the Ukrainian service since 2015, with Florida colors arriving in November as Russian colors gathered. 


 Biden has promised that US colors won't fight in Ukraine, which isn't a member of NATO. But the news comes as thousands of US colors, along with colors from other European powers including Britain and France, move to strengthen NATO's eastern hand. The Biden administration has continued to raise its warnings about the possibility of war. 

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