Breaking News, Complete Information After 1 Day of Russia's Attack on Ukraine


Breaking News, Complete Information After 1 Day of Russia's Attack on Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine - Associated Press intelligencers are establishing military exertion across Ukraine, where intimation is adding during Russia's ground and air strikes. With social media amplifying the inflow of military claims and causes, setting exactly what happed can be delicate. Then are some effects that can be verified. 

Conditioning with direct substantiations 

  • Russian military vehicles crossing from Belarus into Ukraine at the Senkovka crossing point in the Chernihiv. region 
  • Russian military vehicles cross islands near Tavriysk and Novaya Kakhovka in the southern Kherson region, and Russian military copters fly over the region.
  • Security camera footage showing Russian military vehicles crossing from Crimea into government- held home at the Armyansk checkpoint.
  • Explosions around Kyiv, and their fate.
  • Copter flying over Kyiv, believed to be Russian.
  • Fire near the headquarters of Ukrainian intelligence services.
  • Explosion on Dnipro in eastern Ukraine.
  • Explosions near the airport and lemon depot in Myrhorod in eastern Ukraine, including shots.
  • A shelled domestic neighborhood in Mariupol, a strategic megacity on the Ocean of Azov near the Russian border. The mayor said three people were killed. Ananti-aircraft base was also attacked, and the mayor said a near field runway was damaged.
  • Battle at Hostomel, a megacity 7 kilometers (4 country miles) from Kyiv, and home to aircraft maker Antonov and an field with a runway long enough to admit all types of aircraft, including the largest weight aeroplanes 
  • Pellet shells exploded inside an apartment structure in the eastern megacity of Kharkiv; a resident described the explosion and said a neighbor was injured in the leg and taken down in an ambulance 
  • Just outside the rebel- held area, in Bakhmut, military officers were posted on the road and crowds lined up at gas stations and banks to prepare to flee
  • In Sievierodonetsk, family hides in lemon sanctum after reports of two explosions 

 Blazoned by Ukrainian and Russian authorities 

  • Russian colors move to seize the Chernobyl nuclear factory, point of the world's worst nuclear accident ( chairman of Ukraine).
  • A military aeroplane crashed in the Obukhiv region, about 40 kilometers (25 country miles) south of town Kyiv. There were 14 people in it, there was no determination of the victim. (Ukrainian Ministry of Extremities).
  • Upstanding hail of a power factory in Tripilya, about 40 km (25 country miles) south of Kyiv, in the vicinity of the same area where a Ukrainian military aeroplane was reported to have crashed earlier (Ukrainian presidential office).
  • Russian service says it has destroyed 74 Ukrainian military installations, including 11 air bases (Russian Defense Ministry).

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