Beginning of World War 3, After Russia Attacked Ukraine, China Launched Cyber ​​Attack On Taiwan


Beginning of World War 3, After Russia Attacked Ukraine, China Launched Cyber ​​Attack On Taiwan

Internatinal Military - Taiwanese fighters rushed Thursday to block and warn nine Chinese warplanes that entered the islet's declared air defense zone, Taiwan's Ministry of Defense said in a statement. 

The spying came after Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen" condemned Russia's violation of Ukraine's sovereignty"and ordered his country's service to increase readiness and increase alert over the Taiwan Strait, way blazoned in a Facebook post as pressures rise in the region over enterprises. that Beijing may be trying to take advantage of the US concentrate on the war in Europe. 

The Defense Ministry said the Chinese aircraft comported of eight J-16 fighters and one Y-8 maritime command aircraft; they turned around following warnings from the Taiwanese interceptors. 

The ministry also said air defense systems were put on alert to" cover exertion,"which has come nearly routine in response to China's frequent examinations into Taiwan's airspace. 

The US is apprehensive of recent reports of Chinese aircraft approaching Taiwan and remains concerned about" instigative military action near Taiwan"that could lead to conflict, a Pentagon spokesperson told Fox News. 

In the run-up to Russia's irruption of Ukraine, Western leaders advised that President Vladimir Putin's apparent determination to restore Moscow's dominance over Ukraine could buoy China to take action against Taiwan, which China considers a autonomous home. 

On Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said,"If Ukraine is hovered with extermination, the shock will resonate around the world. And the echo will be heard in east Asia-- it'll be heard in Taiwan."

Before this month, Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a common statement at the Winter Olympics in Beijing propping up"strategic cooperation"between the two powers and asserting that Taiwan is part of China. 

China on Thursday gestured it would continue to support Russia by publicizing a deal to buy Russian wheat in an apparent shot to buffer the profitable megahit from US and European warrants. 

But the irruption of Ukraine and the violation of its sovereignty poses a policy dilemma for China, which has constantly denounced any move by the US or others to support Taiwan as a violation of its own sovereignty. 

Chinese officers have also sought to assert impartiality over Ukraine by calling for a peaceful agreement, while avoiding any review of Putin. 

"The Ukraine issue has a veritably complicated literal background. It has developed to the present situation due to the combined action of colorful factors,"Assistant Foreign Minister Hua Chunying said while reading the script at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday. 

Hua has constantly avoided questions about whether Russia's conduct violated Ukraine's sovereignty and said that" licit security issues of all parties must be admired and addressed."

At a press conference Wednesday, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby sought to compare China's programs in Taiwan with support for Putin, who blazoned Tuesday that Moscow honored the independence of two separatist movements in Ukraine's Donbas region. 

"I would point you back to the February 4 statement that Xi and Putin issued, which of course we consider a wordless blessing of what Putin is doing,"Kirby said."We wonder, is it true that China's current policy is to support separatist movements over the sovereignty of the nation state? That is an intriguing twist, is not it?"


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