China blatantly provocations Taiwan, US aircraft carrier actually exercises in disputed area

China blatantly provocations Taiwan, US aircraft carrier actually exercises in disputed area

USS Abraham Lincoln

South China - Two US carriers have entered the disputed South China Sea for training. The Ministry of Defense on Monday said Taiwan reported Chinese airstrikes over the top of the raceway with creepy new electronics. 


The South China Sea and tone- governing Taiwan are two of China's most sensitive territorial issues. The two have also come areas of pressure between the US and China. US nonmilitary vessels routinely sail near Chinese-engaged islets in the South China Sea to challenge China's sovereignty claims. 

The US Department of Defense said two US Navy Aircraft Carrier attack groups led by their carriers USS Carl Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln had begun operations in the South China Sea on Sunday. 


The carrier group will conduct exercises includinganti-submarine warfare operations, air warfare operations, and maritime interdiction operations to strengthen combat readiness. The training will be conducted in transnational waters in agreement with transnational law. 

"Operations like this allow us to enhance our believable combat capabilities, assure our abettors and mates, and demonstrate our determination as a Navy to insure indigenous stability against vicious influence,"Rear Admiral JT Anderson said. 


The two carrier groups are reportedly training with the Japanese cortege in the Philippine Sea, an area that includes waters east of Taiwan. News of this US operation coincided with Taiwan reporting the rearmost attack by China's air force. 

On Monday, Taiwan reported 13 other Chinese aircraft in addition to the 39 formerly reported in the air defense identification zone with one Y8anti-submarine, flying through the Bashi Strait which separates Taiwan and the Philippines and connects the Pacific to the South China Sea. 


 Security sources preliminarily said that China's breakouts to Taiwan's defense zone were probably a response to foreign military exertion, particularly by US forces near the islet. 

Taiwan says China's repeated service conditioning are designed to weaken Taiwan's power. The South China Sea is crossed by vital shipping lanes, contains gas fields and rich fishing grounds. 

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