Efforts to Fight ISIS, US Provides 'Limited Support' to Syrian Fighters


Efforts to Fight ISIS, US provides 'limited support' to Syrian fighters

Washington - In the fight against ISIS, the US handed" limited support"to Syrian Kurdish fighters posted inside a captivity in northeastern Syria on Monday, a Pentagon spokesperson said Monday autumn. 


"We've helped give real- time surveillance during the event,"Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby told journalists Monday."We've carried out a series of operative strikes over the once many days to include perfection targeting of ISIS fighters attacking the SDF from structures in the area."

The US has" handed limited ground support, which is strategically deposited to help security in the area — for illustration, placing Bradley Fighting Vehicles in access points to help block obstacles,"Kirby said." So there is some limited ground support."


 Kirby remitted further inquiries to the Joint Joint Task Force-Essential Agreement Operations. Officers from the task force didn't incontinently respond to requests for comment. 

US- backed SDF colors have been approaching the last sect of the installation controlled by the mutineers for days, the SDF and war observers said. The attack followed the rendition of hundreds of Islamic State fighters and was aimed at ending one of the most audacious attacks by the group in times. 


 Colors took over the structure near the captivity's northern sect, said Farhad Shami, a spokesperson for the Kurdish- led Syrian Popular Forces. That is where dozens of ISIS zealots have been hiding since Thursday. 

Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces Humvee patrols in Hassakeh, northeast Syria, Mon., Jan. 24, 2022. (AP Photo/Baderkhan Ahmad)

Shami said SDF forces advanced after about 300 ISIS fighters surrendered Monday morning. 


 Further than a dozen Kurdish fighters and further than 100 zealots have been killed in clashes since the descent began, according to Kurdish- led forces. The number of exiles remains unclear. 

 Intelligencers at the scene said Kurdish officers asked them to stay down from the vicinity of the captivity early Monday, supposedly in expectation of a military operation. 


 The UK- grounded Syrian Overlook for Human Rights reported a buildup of Kurdish forces backed by US armored vehicles around the captivity. 

 Substantiations in the megacity of Hassakeh, where the captivity is located and is under tight security, said motorcars arrived at the captivity supposedly to transport the zealots who had surrendered to other locales. Coalition copters floated above, a occupant said. 


On Monday evening, further than 96 hours after the original attack, clashes continued between the SDF and accompanying colors and mutineers still drilled up in the captivity sect, said Siamand Ali, another SDF spokesperson. 

The Kurdish- led government has declared a week-long curfew in Hassakeh from Monday. The International Committee of the Red Cross said knockouts of thousands of people fled their homes in the megacity in hunt of safety and demanded sanctum, food and health services during the harsh downtime. 


 The stalemate came after the enterprising attack on Gweiran Prison on Thursday. Zealots rammed vehicles through its walls, allowing a number of locked fighters to escape and take hostages. Clashes have continued since also, including with mutineers hiding in conterminous domestic areas. The US- led coalition has carried out a number of attacks against suspected zealots who have seized control of the captivity's northern sect. 

On Sunday, Shami said the zealots were using hundreds of minors held in captivity as mortal securities. Further than suspected ISIS zealots, including further than 600 minors, are being held in Gweiran, the largest of a dozen detention installations in Syria that house zealots. 


 Thousands of family members and ISIS sympathizers are also being held in exile camps, utmost of which are detention installations for women and children. 

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